Thursday, December 10, 2009

Absolutely Disgusted

Absolutely and completely disgusted. Angry.

You know what I'm sick of? I am SICK of people saying abortion is a dead issue and we should put our energy toward fighting other things. NO! This is EXACTLY why we should fight, keep fighting, and when we think there's no chance of us ever winning back any piece of ground... we KEEP ON FIGHTING!

You say that it doesn't affect you directly, so you're going to move on to other issues that do. Well, your money... your hard earned dollars... are about be spent to fund someone's abortion.

To kill someone's infant.

I am so angry. Yes, I know this is harsh. This is a harsh post. Well, children are being killed. And that's the bottom line issue. You can come up with all the excuses you want, "Mom's on drugs, so the baby's life would be hard anyway... the child isn't going to be wanted... it isn't really a child because it isn't born yet... it's going to have special needs, and that will be lots of government dollars spent on that baby's healthcare."

Do you hear what you're saying? Does that really make you sleep better at night? Does telling yourself that really assuage the fact that you are actually stopping the heartbeat of a living human being?

We have fallen asleep. We have diverted our attention. We think that we've lost a battle... and then they take more ground on the battle we thought was over... and then more ground. But, how can they take ground? Wasn't it already over? No. It wasn't. You just decided it was. You gave up.

And now people don't just want to take the lives of pre-born children, they want to spend my money to do it.

But, we can still fight. Contact your Senators and say, "Don't you dare." Tell them you won't vote for them if they push this through... and then follow through with it. Our government is going against the will of the majority of America (67%) by including abortion funding in their "health care reform."

Because so many of us assumed the battle was already lost, and we gave up. We thought voting a pro-abortion president into office didn't really matter. "There are other issues, right? I mean, nothing is really going to change with abortion." You were told your money would start going to fund them. "No, the government is not going to do that. That will never happen." Well, it's about to...

...unless we can make our voices heard. Well, heard more. Because, they're already being heard, our government is simply going against what we're saying.

I will not back down. You're right this is a dead issue. It's an issue of death. Of the children of our nation... and around the world... being murdered... with our consent.

It's a life or it isn't. It's right or wrong. There is no middle ground. And looking back at the judgement of every civilization throughout history that killed their children, I wonder what will befall us.

Stand up with me. Don't be quiet. Go here to contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the health care reform bill.

And, if you're still trying to convince yourself that that a "fetus" is not a child... or that the mother has more rights than her unborn child... go to google images and put in "preborn." Look at a few of those post-procedure pictures that come up. I don't think you'd have the stomach to put in "aborted babies."
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The Classy Woman said...

I applaud you for your boldness and taking a stand by creating this blog post! I whole heartedly agree!

I stumbled upon a website by accident one day and it actually showed what the babies look like after the abortion. To pull them out, limbs are often torn off and you could see how developed they were at such a young age.

Dispicable is what it is!

Mrs. P said...

I often lurk at your blog (and love it.)
I just wanted to say.....thank you. Just, thank you. You said it all.