Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today I can worship, in freedom.

Today I can work, in freedom.

Today I can vote on the fate of our nation, in freedom.

Today my kids can go to school, in freedom.

Today I can make eye contact with men. I can have conversations with men. I can go outside of my house any time of day or night. My husband and I can be equals in our marriage, striving together for the best life for our family, in freedom.

Today, I have the freedom to do these things because someone did what others were unwilling to do.

Freedom comes with risk. Risk of life. Risk of liberty. Risk of taking our freedom too far.

Freedom comes with responsibility. To not take for granted. To be thankful. To make wise choices with the freedom we have been given.

Because freedom can be lost. Quickly. Easily. When we squander, forget, take for granted, become selfish. We can lose our freedom. We can be our own worst enemy and make choices that leave us in bondage... debt... slavery. To things... to people... to circumstances.

Today we remember those who did what others were unwilling to do, and we thank those who are doing what others will not. Those who are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, family, friends. Those who gave and are giving their time, their health, their very lives so we could have freedom; so we could choose to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

"Freedom is not an ideal, it is not even a protection, if it means nothing more than freedom to stagnate, to live without dreams, to have no greater aim than a second car and another television set."
~Adlai Stevenson, American Statesman

Thank you, honey, for your service. For sitting consul underground so other nations wouldn't dare try. For combing the earth via satellite for any threat. For training others to protect our nation. For be willing to go and serve.

Thank you, Dad (Vietnam War). Thank you, Grandad (WWII). Thank you, Grandpa Ted (WWII). Thank you, Dave (Desert Storm). Thank you, Great-Uncle Dean (sacrificed his life on the beaches of Normandy).

For the legacy of sacrifice. For the legacy of country. For the legacy of freedom.

Dear readers, I would challenge you: What are you doing with your freedom others sacrificed so much for you to have? 

Let us never forget the great cost at which our freedom has come, and let us never say that our freedom is not worth such a great cost.

"I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the gloom I can see rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the ends is worth more than all the means."
~John Adams

"Greater love hath no man than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends"
John 15:13

Remember today, and every day, to thank those who have served and are serving in our great nation's armed forces.
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MooBee Mama said...

So well said Angela!! Thank you! I am loving on my soldier today too as well as being thankful for yours. Holly

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful post.

It's a great reminder and salute to everyone who did what they had to do for all of us.

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