Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm passionate. About a lot of things. And sometimes it's hard looking around and seeing people who lack passion... or who just don't seem to show it very well. I try to remind myself that not everyone is going to be passionate about the same things I am... or in the same way I am... or show it in the same way I do... or let it be visible. So, sometimes I think I just need to take a chill pill and do my thing and let other people do their thing and not rock the boat and keep on keepin' on...

But OTHER times I think... WAKE UP!!! Wake UP to a life that is passionate! CARE!

Let your heart break for something. Absolutely break for something. Get angry about an injustice... a wrong... let the tears flow. And then do something about it.

Let joy overflow in such a way that you HAVE to jump and smile and hug the person standing closest to you and just laugh.

Get passionate.

I am passionate about worship. I am absolutely passionate about worshipping the One who created me and has given me LIFE. The One who set this world in motion and is weaving such an amazing tapestry of love and hope and life and forgiveness and redemption. I am passionate about bringing my offering of worship to Him, and about leading other people to bring their offering of worship. Yes, on Sundays. And on every day. Because worship is not just about Sunday morning. Worship is every second of every day. Worship is a state of our heart.

And I grieve for the people I see that are stuck, that can't seem to break free in their worship, that won't let themselves dive in and experience the beauty of surrender, the freedom of laying it all down. I grieve on a Sunday just like I grieve on any given weekday. My heart breaks. And I want to DO something about it! I want to jump and hug people and laugh and say, "Don't you know? Don't you know what will happen when you lay down your life... the one you're holding so tightly to... the conventions you've grown so comfortable in? When you let go of your reservations? Do you know the freedom that comes from lifting your hands in worship and singing with all your might? Jumping out of joy or crying out of despair and yet hope? Don't you know the freedom that comes every single day when you let go of what your plan is and submit it all to what God's plan is? Don't you know? Don't you WANT to KNOW?

I am passionate about people finding freedom. Finding freedom to be who God has created them to be, to use the gifts God has placed within them. I am passionate about women stepping up, stepping out and making a difference. I am passionate about men and women working together to change this world... working together to help others find freedom... working together to open eyes to the hope that is in Christ.

I am passionate. And on some days I think I should just sit back and stop trying to get all up in people's business and get them passionate, too.

But... on days like today... I know that is exactly what God is calling me to do. He has come that we might have life, and life to the full. He wants you to have life! Full, passionate life. I want you to have life.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause...

I am passionate to stand up and do whatever it is I can, whatever I have been equipped to do for the Kingdom of the One who created me... who knew I would screw up the way I have... and who made me and made a way to save me anyway. Who loves me anyway. Who uses me anyway. Who equips me anyway. Who calls me to step out anyway. Who has my back anyway.

Because it is the broken that can be restored. So, break me. It is the surrendered who can be used. So, I surrender.

Because I see a generation rising up to take their place. So, I will be passionate. And I will not listen to those voices that try to quiet me. I will listen to the Voice who is making me passionate. Who is breaking my heart.

Are you passionate? Do you get it? Because it's that or nothing. It's Him or nothing. There is no in-between. There is no middle ground.

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emilyruth said...

i love this song
love your thoughts
& love you, too :)

good job, listening to jesus & only him, doing what you know you're supposed to do...
i love hearing about people with passion...
it's inspiring & needs to be heard...
if everyone with passion talked about it, who knows? maybe more people would be inclined to try for something more in their lives...
thanks for sharing you, my dear :)

(by the way, this is emily (used to be bressi :)

Rachael Piercey said...

Hey! This is your lurker in Algonquin:) Had to leave a comment cause I loved your kindled fire in my spirit. And the song brought it over the top. LOVE that song...I seriously have to be careful when I listen to it while driving. Closing your eyes, raising your hands and rocking out in worship doesn't go well with driving down the road at 40mph:)

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

What? You know Emily Ruth? I met her a couple of months ago at a scrapbooking thing!! LOL! (I HAVE to go tell her on her blog! How funny!)

OKAY, but that is not why I am commenting.

THANK YOU for this post. I completely agree about having a passion! I wish that everyone had a passion and that they were able to express it. I love passionate worship, and I love being in a place where I feel free to worship passionately. I love my home church, but sometimes I just feel like it lacks passion (and talent), and then that gets my brain whirring and then my thoughts start to focus on the negative rather than focusing on worshiping passionately. Definitely something that I struggle with and that I need to continue to pray about. Thanks for the nudge!