Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List (otherwise titled "Dear Husband")

All year long I point out things to you that I'd like for Christmas. We're in a store, I see something I adore (that rhymes!) and I tell you, "You can get me that for Christmas."

But, then Christmas time rolls around and you ask what I want. "I pointed things out to you all year LONG!" I say.

"Well, what were they? Did you make a list?" You say.

What? You mean I actually have to REMEMBER the things I point out? Isn't that supposed to be your job? I could have sworn it was in the marriage document we signed.

So, this year you told me I'd better make a list. Well, I'm making one. And, in year's past, I've separated the reasonable from the probably-not-so-reasonable. This year it's all together, baby.

*A Dog. Named Max. One that will cuddle with me when you work night shifts. One that will keep me company and help me feel safer when you are gone for four months.

*Victoria's Secret stuff. I'll take any Pink clothing at all. Sweatshirts & Sweatpants are $25 each right now. Or I can find lots of drool-worthy things in the catalogue. Gift card? (VS! Hurry up and get free return shipping, already!)

*Sephora gift card. That place is like a candy store. And I want candy.

*Wide band gold ring.

*Flameless candles. (at Costco, the big ones)

*Logic Studio

*Whatever cords and equipment I need to set up my little studio in the basement when we get our new laptop. (Call Dylan.)

*Hampers. For the kids' rooms. Make my life easier. Yes, I'll take them for Christmas.

*A good sleep mask. One that actually blocks light. Unlike the one I got from the Target dollar spot.

*Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. Although, I'll probably just borrow Mom's when she's done with it.

*A subscription to In Style. PLEASE!!!

*Nooma. You can get the entire set on November 30th for only $140! Plus the soundtrack.

*Money for after-Christmas shopping. And then maybe some more bins to store the decor I'll buy? Hee-hee.

*7 For All Mankind or True Religion or CitizensSize 27 or 28. Plato's closet re-sale or the vintage denim section at Gloss. (Or you can just set me loose in Plato's.)

*A shopping trip to Forever 21. (With money to spend. Yeah. I know you too well.)

*A shopping trip to H&M. (Ditto.)

*A Katie Herzig t-shirt. But, I already have the cd and it's a package deal. Don't know how that will work. Email Katie and see if she can pull something special for me.  =^)

*Portable sound system. (Okay, so the Bose one is a bit much to ask for. Just something I can drag around to coffee shops and is an easy set up.)

*A weekly housecleaner. Alright, I'll settle for every other week.  =^)

*Jewelry. Funky costume. Big and chunky. (I sound like I'm on Madagascar.) Or a mommy necklace. Or something in a little blue box. Or whatever you want to give me. Because, if it comes from you it will be perfect!

*Some way to get my jewelry more organized! This is a gift for you, too, Honey. Hmmm... maybe we should forgo the preceding suggestion until we get this one taken care of?  =^)  Costco had that jewelry tree. Or we could just put tacks in the walls. Anything.

*I can't decide if I should put the stainless mixing bowls from Costco on here or not.

*My songs finally recorded. Which will happen if I get Logic Studio with that laptop.  =^)

*Anything with words. Old books. Vintage signs. Words. I love words.

*My website designed! I have not a CLUE how to do that. I need help.

*Shoes. (You didn't think I'd leave this one OUT did you?)

*Louboutins. (No, these don't fall into the previous category. These actually transcend all categories and are in a category of their own. How many times can I say category? Category.)

*A pedal board. (Call Dylan on this one, too. Or Trevor. But it has to be a size I can manage.)

Okay, so maybe these are too many options. But, you said to make a list, right? Really, Honey. You know I'm so easy to buy for! YOU'RE the one that's difficult! I'll love anything that comes from you. As I've said before, "Sheesh. Someone could give me a twig with a bow on it. I would display it proudly, commenting on how unique and rustic it was." And you can save this list and refer to it for years to come.

(Looking back at past lists, I see you MUST refer to them. Because wishes have been granted. And I'm laughing that the ones that have been granted have been transfered on and are still with us. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks for being my Santa, baby. *wink*)
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Christine White said...

that is a HUGE list missy! good work pooring it on think for your new puppy named max. wink, wink!