Saturday, November 14, 2009

Late Night Saturday Randomness

*Taylor wrestled today in the City Championships. He placed 5th. He was very disappointed. It's hard to watch my son go through that. Getting beaten. Quite heavy-handedly. But fighting so hard. Rehashing every move he made. Disappointment written all over his face. Yet, proud because he wasn't supposed to be there at all and was chosen to go last minute. I know it's all good for him, but this letting him become a mature adult thing is hard.

*I had the honor of singing the National Anthem. I love singing the National Anthem. It may be one of my most favorite things to sing. Well, that and lead worship. Okay, and sing in coffee shops. Alright, alright. My favorite thing to sing is anything. I just love singing. But, especially the National Anthem. And that may be the ONLY thing I still get nervous singing. Every. Single. Time. Because it's important. And, you really can't screw it up. I mean, you CAN. But, you really, really, REALLY should not... which is what I mean by "can't."

*I'd like to make some of our Christmas gifts this year. I also know it's most likely not going to happen. Like, 99.99999% not likely. But, I'd still like to.

*My only daughter turns nine in just a few short hours. Never again will I have a daughter who is eight. Brittney said I could, though, if we adopted a little girl or I had another one. Then there was a long pause. Then she said, "Except then I wouldn't be Daddy's favorite anymore." "Mmmm," said I. "You'd have to share that. Do you think you could." Another long pause. Then my daughter firmly said, "Yes, I could. And we could share a bedroom, too."

*It's not snowing right now, but it's not raining. It's kind of freeze-raining. There's about a half inch on our porch of something that is not snow, but is white. It's freeze-rain piling up... which is a lot like snow... but it's not. It's quite noisy on the windows. AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

*Ian has been asking more often, "When is God going to fix my pancreas?" I try to leave the room if I cry when he asks.

*I have quite a few emails I need to compose and send, but my brain isn't working. Do you have those times when you know you need to do something but you also know you can't? Because if you did it wouldn't be done right and you'd just have to re-do it anyway? But you still feel guilty for not doing it? Yes. That's me. Right now.

*I didn't really have dinner. I had popcorn and candy corn. I'm not sure that counts. Or, we could stretch and say that I had a lot of vegetables for dinner. If you add in the few grapes, then I also had fruit.

*I watched Bride Wars last night. I'm now considering cutting bangs...

...because Kate looked killer with them. So, obviously, I would, too. Except, maybe that's a decision that shouldn't be made at midnight... when your husband is working... and you're staying up too late watching a movie... and you need to get your hair done anyway, so anything that sounds daring sounds like a good idea. (Summer, I told you. You do it first. And then, if I like how it looks on you think it would look good on me, I'll do it, too. Maybe.)

*My thoughts are SO random. But, believe it or not, all of these actually are connected in my head. I know. I'm nuts.
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Christine White said... bangs please. i just think they look like people are stuck in the 80's. and they always look like they are poking the person's eyes.