Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ian's First Meet

Ian had his first gymnastics meet today. Boy, was he excited!

He started doing gymnastics last January at Central Coast Gymnastics (love you guys!) in San Luis Obispo, California. (Mad props to Chad and Dana!!! ...and sometimes Jason... and, I think, one day of coaching from Shannon. Ha!) When we moved to Colorado Springs in July, we weren't sure if he'd be able to continue because we couldn't find anything online about a boy's team that was close. But, at Brit's gym they said "go to the Olympic Training Center." Yeah, well THAT doesn't sound intimidating at all. But, as it turns out, they have a developmental team program for boys that is wonderful! And Ian is now competing Level 4 for the Colorado Training Center. (Coached by Olympic level coaches and National athletes. Yeah. Craziness.)

Nate and I were so proud of him! He remembered all of his routines and stuck all of his landings... which is pretty impressive for a six-year-old's first meet. We weren't sure what to expect from his numbers, but he tested himself regularly while on the floor and was fine. (Thank you, Lord!)

Evidently, level 4's in Colorado don't do scoring like we're used to. They have set placement standards, and depending on what your event score is, you automatically place. Blue for 1st, red for 2nd, white for 3rd, and green for 4th. (Duh.) We were a little confused at first, but figured it out fast. Ian scored green on his first event, pommel horse. When Nate commented on it, Ian said, "Yeah, that's like the worst score EVER." Then he proceeded to get two whites, two reds and a blue. (And, he was just two-tenths of a point away on rings from getting blue.)

SO PROUD!!!!!!

Here he is finishing up the pommel horse (photo courtesy of Brit):

And, I had to get one with his coach for today, Alex Shchennikov:

I've kind of gone back and forth about the time and money commitment to a year round sport like this. (Not to mention the miles clocked in the car and hours spent at practices by yours truly.) But, seeing Ian's determination today and how he stepped up and was responsible with his testing and shots, it makes it all worth it. He said he wasn't nervous at all, and didn't seem to be! He was just having fun doing something he loves. It was great to watch.

Besides, he looks awfully cute in his competition outfit.  =^)
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Cortney said...

Way to go Ian!
And yes, he does look adorable in his outfit!

Shauna Shaw said...

Congrats Ian! Did I ever tell you I'm a gymnastics coach? I coach the compulsory girls at my gym - State Meet's coming up... very excited. Keep me posted on Ian - I love talking to other gym moms and parents.