Monday, November 30, 2009



I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I have officially completed NaBloPoMo for 2009. Yeah, baby! (Yes, I know all caps in print equals yelling. Your DARN RIGHT it does!)

30 posts in 30 days. The entire month of November. I came. I saw. I conquered. And I am not demure or humble about it at all. AT. ALL. Because this is a FEAT of giNORmous proportions. At least, it is in Angela Land. And isn't that where we all live, after all? (If you don't live here, I highly recommend it. MUCH more fun.)

So, this afternoon I said to Nate, "Honey, guess what tomorrow is!"

Without hesitation he said, "The end."

"Noooooo... well, yes. It's the end of NaBloPoMo. But, it's also December 1st, so according to you we can officially put up Christmas decorations. Yay!"

Because Nate is very happy NaBloPoMo is over. He doesn't enjoy it very much. But he only whines a bit when it's nine at night and he is sitting down to watch tv and I say, "Wait! I need to post!" He knows that I enjoy the challenge. He's a supportive hubby like that. (Love you, Honey!)

And, you know what? I do enjoy posting every day. So many people complain that they run out of things to post on. Me? It's just the opposite. There are just so many options swarming my brain! So many subjects! So much to say! Then again, I never have had any trouble filling empty space with words... the variable is just how meaningful those words are.  =^)

However, it does take dedicated time. With my laptop, I have definitely been able to post much more often. But, sometimes it's nice to let a day go by and not stress about it, you know? Because there are just days... Just. Days... that I can't quite get there. That other things should be more important. And, I love NaBloPoMo, but blogging should not take precedent over those "should" things.

But I also realize that I CAN be more diligent with posting... I CAN post more often... if I get my rear in gear and stay a bit more organized time-wise. We all know that is not a strength for yours truly. Never has been. I'm wondering if it ever will be. But, I am always on the quest to reach my goal of Effective Time Manager.

AND... and, and, AND... I never did do that giveaway I wanted to do. Rest assured, I didn't forget. Maybe I'll do a fun Christmas one. Oooooo... now THAT'S an idea! Should I send you all the leftover cheesy decorations I decide not to use? Like a Garage Sale White Elephant. (Where my girls at? Where my girls at?)

NaBloPoMo. You will be mine again next year. Because I'm that good. I'm. That. Good.

(Can I win something? Please? Because I've never won anything for this. And it would be really cool if I did. Just throwin' that out there.)

Thanks to my readers (the whole handful of you) who stuck with my through this. You guys are awesome! You should all fly here to Colorado and we'll have an I Actually Read Angela's Blog party. Maybe it will even be a Garage Sale White Elephant party. Par-tay! Sounds like a plan to me.
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Crayl said...

I DID IT TOO! (And oddly picked the same I Did It button.
Congratulations! I like the challenge, it's fun.

Katie Glathar said...

Congrats, Angela! You are amazing. I am so encouraged by you. God Bless you this Christmas. **hugs from England**

Cortney said...

hooray! I enjoyed reading them! :)