Friday, November 13, 2009

Fashion Friday: Feelin' It

The trick is, you gotta be feelin' it. You know? There are few things more uncomfortable than when you're wearing something you're not feelin'. (Please don't add the "g" to the end of that word. Here, it really requires you to drop the "g" in your pronunciation. "Feelin" not "feeling.")

I am a sweatpants kinda girl. Okay, I am also a stiletto girl... and a skinny jeans girl... and a wide-leg trouser girl... and a cutest little dress imaginable girl... and a drop dead gorg retro-grammy's look girl (just in case anyone was thinking of asking me this year).

The point is, you've got to be comfortable in what you're wearing. Period.

Today, I was totally feelin' the sweatpants. I was also feelin' the no-makeup, just because I didn't feel like make-up. (Okay, if I'm being totally honest here... and this blog is all about that... I put a tad bit of foundation on and a smidge of blush. Because the break-out-ness that is all up in here at the moment is. not. cool. Nor is it welcome. But, it doesn't seem to be agreeing with my tirades against it. So, really, that is almost like not wearing make-up. My eyes are bare. So, there.)

Whenever I jump around to fashion posts, everyone looks so cute and pulled-together! I wanted to do a fashion-something post today, but did NOT want to get all, well, fashionable.

So, I'm just driving the point home that you gotta be feelin' what you're wearin'.

Evidently, I'm also feelin' sneaky, because I'm all sneaky-eyed.

Look! Look at those shoes that I luh-uh-uhv. Uhv. And to think I almost passed them up on that Goodwill rack early this past summer. Thank goodness, Nate was with me and saw what my eyes grazed over. "Umm, isn't this the kind of shoe you've been wanting?"

"Eeeek! Yes! How did I miss those?" And thus begin my new love of Pumas. Com-fy, I'm tellin' ya. (There's a lot of dropping of the ends of words in this post.)

My lips are scrunched. I'm thinking of the Halloween candy in the pantry. Mmmm...

Sweatshirt: My beloved thrift store in SLO (A Peek in the Attic, LOVE this place!)
Tee: Pink VS v-neck. On sale now, 4 for $25. Softest EVer. Been living in them for a week.
Sweats: Nike. Had them for YEARS. Nate got them for me. Super fleecy-comfy.
Shoes: Already said Goodwill. Whoop! Whoop!
Hat: Gap. Ancient.
Earrings: Three-set silver hoops from Ross

Okay, so this is kind of a spoof post. Because it's not some fashionable thing you would put on a blog that discusses fashion. But, it's real life, people!!! And I'm a real woman! And I love me my sweats as much as I love me my couture. Don't you know it!

I'm so excited! Snow is on the way!!! It's supposed to hit any moment, and I'm watching it sweep over the Rockies right. now. Right now, people! Look:

See it? See it? That sky was clear blue just an hour ago. And even since I took this picture I can see the snow is creeping lower on the foothills. Yay! Yay! Yay!
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Katie Glathar said...

I want to look that cute in sweats and a hat. You GO girl!

Shauna Shaw said...

You're rockin' that look - you're gorgeous mama!!!

Anonymous said...

I could totally wear that outfit everyday of the week, it's just my kind of life right now = ). Very cute by the way.