Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion Friday: A Classroom Volunteer Tip

So, when I volunteer in my child's classroom there are always a few fashion details I make sure are in order. Namely that...

*my shoes are comfortable to be in for a while and are ones that the toes bend easily on, for when I'm kneeling by someone's desk helping with work.

*my shirt is long enough to cover my back side, should my pants drop a bit when kneeling at said desk.

*if I'm wearing a necklace, it's not so long that it's always getting in the way. And that my jewelry isn't super noisy or clanky when I'm moving around a lot.

*I'm not wearing anything that would bring me to tears if it got splattered with paint/smeared with glue/accidentally cut with scissors.


*that the neckline of my shirt is not such that, when I am bending over a child's desk, the rest of the classroom, including other parent volunteers, are awkwardly greeted with the girls in all their glory.

This classroom volunteer fashion detail was driven home a week ago at one of the children's (I'm being  vague on purpose) Halloween parties, where a mother wore a shirt that, even when she was standing, revealed her "assets" in a very un-ignorable manner. When she was bending over the table? Woo, boy! At least, I think that's what the dad volunteer was thinking as he sat at the table with his son that she was bending over.

Girls, you have GOT to think about your "girls" when you go in to volunteer in your child's classroom! I mean, I'm all for my kids getting an education, but I don't think they start the physical ed part 'til at least the fifth grade. So, keep 'em in your shirt when bending over my children, please.
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Summer said...

And that is why I always, always make sure my work clothes have a high neckline...and yet are still fashionable.

And it seems that we were both on a school kind of blog today. :)