Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy Lights

Saturday night the kids and I were driving home from the library. (Because I'm a cool mom like that, who takes her kids to the library... even though it's only the second time we've been... in years and years and years... and we were there right before closing... because I didn't want to pay for a movie... and you can get good, old ones free at the library.) On the dark, winding road home we spotted, off in the distance, a bright and shining light. It was glowing. And large. And filled the darkness. (Are you sensing my dramatic flare?) We were curious, so I turned the Suburban in the general direction of the source.

Holy cow. It's the beginning of November, people.

But, this was just the front. The main source of the glow was the back.

The workers were just finishing up, and as I poised perilously, hanging out the side of the car to take the picture, the head guy came up to me. He said the owners had 6 to 8 people a day working on the house, for an entire week.

Now, it WAS pretty cool to look at. And I appreciate the message all the glowing signs and nativity scenes and whatnot. And the music that played constantly was a nice touch. I just don't want to think of their utility bill. And I don't want to think of their neighbors, whose houses back right up to these festive early yule-tide-ers. (I hope they turn it off when they go to bed so everyone isn't trying to fall asleep with their homes lit up like it's daytime.)

If you want to go see, it's just east off of Chapel Hills, right before it dead ends into Old Ranch. You'll see the glow.  =^)

(By the way, we checked out Gus. Taylor was complaining how old it was, until the end of the movie, when he said it was pretty good after all. No sex? No violence? No language? I think we'll be frequenting the library for movie checkouts more often.)
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