Sunday, November 22, 2009


After church today Brit was delighted to get to spontaneously go hang out with her friend Emma, so we took the boys to Fatburger. (One of our family's favorite places that I've blogged on before. Yum. Except that they just raised their prices. Again. Boo.) The burgers are great. The shakes are stellar. And they have a jukebox that's free. Nate and the kids always put in fun songs, and we laugh and dance in our booth.

The boys were all being rambunctious as we walked out the door. Taylor threw Ian over his shoulder, Ian was trying to spank him from his precarious height, and Jordan was talking non-stop while skipping/running/stumbling through the parking lot to the car. There was lots of hollering and play-punching and rough-housing. We get in the Suburban and Nate turns to me, "Aren't you glad you had a girl? Otherwise, this would be your whole life."

His words are immediately followed by a very loud Buddy the Elf style burp from the back seat, then a chorus of high-pitched laughter.

"Yes, I am very thankful." I say. But, the thought does skip through my mind that boys are fun, too.  =^)
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Cortney said...

*sigh* I'm feelin ya girl! We've got one more shot. Part of me is hoping for another boy, because if we have a girl I feel kinda sad that she won't have a sister. (Having 2 older sisters myself) So I would be tempted to have another try if a girl were to arrive. So *I put my order in with* God knows the desires of my heart. And I hope to either have one boy or twin girls. :)
Just so He knows-