Friday, November 27, 2009 CRAZINESS!!!

Okay, so we have never been those "Black Friday" people. I mean, we've gone out at some point on Friday to see if some of the deals were still around. Like a few years ago we scored the kids' scooters super cheap.

And, alright, last year I WAS at the H&M in Walnut Creek (Sarah! I miss you!) at 6:00am because they took an extra 20% off your entire purchase before 10:00am. SO worth it.

But, we don't tend to "wait" in the "lines." We don't "camp out" at "large stores." We don't "push past" the "throngs" of "crazy people." (Channeling Bennet Brauer.)

Then there was last night. Rest assured, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into! Holy cowsers, people. We thought, "Gee, Toys-R-Us opens a midnight. Well, that's not too bad. What an experience to take the kids down there. They can spend their gift cards they've been saving and stretch that dollar." Brit had two friends spend the night, and they were so sleepy they opted to stay here. But, all three boys were in.

Colorado Springs only has one Toys-R-Us, so we woke them up at 11:20pm and drove the 25 minutes south. "Hmmm, where are all THESE cars going?" We thought as we were nearing our destination. "They must all be headed to some great sale. I wonder what it is."

Then we pulled around the corner. The parking lot was PACKED! And it didn't open for another 20 minutes. "Oh, it can't be THAT bad." We thought. "We'll just get in and get out."

So naive, we were. Just get in and get out, we thought.

We parked and walked over to where the line seemed to reach around the store to the back...

...and then kept walking all the way around the back of the store and to the other side, where it actually ended. We could SEE the front entrance, we were wrapped so far around. There seemed to be another line. Nate took Ian and went to check that out while I kept our place. Then, at ten after midnight he found himself being pushed through the front door with a mob of people cutting in front of the good line-waiters. There was yelling, screaming, shoving. One lady was giving it all she got, hollering, "My babies need toys! My babies need toys!" Because that somehow negates the fact that everyone else has been standing there in line for who knows how long. I mean, her babies need toys. She should totally be able to push through. She is a prime example of what is wrong with our nation a mother looking out for the welfare of her children.

Meanwhile, I inched my way toward the door with Taylor and Jordan.

Nate already had acquired everything we were getting. Nerf guns, a glow-in-the-dark Nerf hoop, some blendy pen things for Brit and a VERY awesome Christmas gift for Jord that I won't spill the beans on.

People were packed wall to wall. Lots of yelling. But we couldn't find the checkout line. The man at the back of the store said to go up front. The man at the front of the store said, "All you people are cutting in line! You need to go to the back of the store where the blue arrows are!" We had separated trying to figure things out. I stood in a line that was inching to the back of the store to possibly GET in line. Then Nate called me over to where he thought the line was, so I went and stood and inched there, only to find it wasn't actually a check-out line. It was people moving up the far aisle.

I asked the man at the way back, he pointed to a girl standing in a mob and said she should know where I should stand. But Nate had asked her, and she had no clue. People, people, everywhere people. I asked a manager where the check-out line was, where I should stand. He said, "I'm trying to figure that out right now."

We had been inside the store for over an hour at that point, 45 minutes of it trying to find the line. We knew it would easily be another two until we were even close to checking out. And they only had FOUR CHECK-OUTS OPEN! Out of twelve. They were GROSSly unprepared.

I am so thankful for a genius husband. "Hang on." He said. "Here, give me the boxes."

And that is when, in the middle of the babydoll/Barbie aisle, where few people were, he tossed all of our loot atop a very high set of shelves, barely visible to passersby. "We'll see if it's there in the morning."

We wove through the crowds and made our exit. As we drove home we saw long lines outside of stores along the highway. Someone said they'd been camped out at Best Buy for two days. Really? What deals were so good that you would do that?

This morning we slept in a bit. At 10:00am, after dropping me at Plato's Closet, Nate went back to Toys-R-Us. It was still crazy. There were still lots of people. And, do you know what he did? He walked right back to the babydoll/Barbie aisle and got down our loot he had so smartly stashed atop the shelves. VICTORY!!!!!! People kept stopping him, "Oh, my gosh! Where'd you get those? I thought they were out!" He stood in line for 20 minutes (with all 12 check-outs open). The kids got their stuff. We got an awesome gift for Jord. And we didn't have to wait. We DID brave the craziness, but we also got sleep.  =^)

My husband is brilliant.

So, just for the record, while standing in line listening to the conversations around me, I realized something. "Black Friday" people aren't just doing this for the sales. They say they're stretching their dollar. I mean, we are, too! I get that.

BUT, I think it's more like a mentality. There was a girl going to Toys-R-Us, then K-mart, then Wal-mart, then she was going to hit Target if she had time. It was this big, drama kind of thing. And, so many people around me were the same way. Like it wasn't even about the deals they were getting, it was about feeding into something. Fighting others. Talking about shoving people out of the way, and "Well, NO one's gettin' in MY way. I've been waitin' here... and my little Johnnie... and they're not gonna keep me from..."

It all seemed so... so... weird. As if it was it's own culture.

While at Plato's closet, I heard some of the salesgirls talking. Evidently, a fight broke out at Toys-R-Us in the morning. There was punching. One guy punched a cop and got hauled off to jail.

But, my husband is genius. And we got our stuff. And we will never, EVER do anything like that EVER again.

(Unless, I mean, if there were Louboutins on the line or something.)
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Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

That is total genius!! I mean, you guys are complete freaks for even going near a Toys-R-Us. I can't let that one go. However, I'm so proud of you for getting your deals and not letting it get to your head! Your husband rocks!