Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Win Shoes

kids uggs

What? I can actually win a pair of snuggly Ugg-style boots? Well, who WOULDN'T want that? Heading into the season of cool, it is one of the foremost issues on this here little brain. Would I go with the metallic? Probably, because it's shiny. And, around here, we like shiny. But, maybe I would get some for Brit, because she doesn't have her own pair yet. She keeps trying to wear mine.

BUT, you know what? YOU can win a pair of snuggly Ugg-style boots, too! I KNOW IT!!! Incredible, incredible world we live in. Just click that there link and follow the directions to enter. Before you know it, your feet could be adorned with lovely, snuggly boots... or you could be giving that special woman in your life fashionable footwear... and I would be coveting you unabashedly.

Don't you just LOVE me for bringing you such fabulous information as this? You do. I know you do.
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Lalena said...

I want a new pair of snugglie uglies!