Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Days


School was cancelled. There wasn't much on the ground, but the storm was supposed to continue all day and into the next.

If you look closely, you can see little black and sliver soldiers hiding amongst the fireplace stones and decor...

The boys practiced their nerf aim.

We've made a few little friends. One came to the door wondering where his breakfast was. Whoops! I put it out quickly and all was well.

Brit has found that it's nice to have friends with sledding stuff. She caught some major air in the neighbor's front yard.

Our poor pumpkins have been a little chilly and can't quite stay lit.

But, then TODAY...

There was just a tad more snow on the deck!!!

Nate, Brit and I braved the roads to the grand opening of the new Costco, where we acquired some sleds of our own. (Holy cow! They had 7 For All Mankind jeans, Burberry and Michael Kors bags, real Uggs... at our new Costco! A bit out of our Christmas-for-me price range... but I always accept gifts. *wink, wink*) The kids went around the corner to the hill, but the roads were too icy to sled successfully.

He's so cute...

Finally, Papa Bear came out to try and help the baby bears. (See! I TOLD you he always wears shorts. I know, the jacket and snowboots are a novelty.)

"Dad! Pull me! Pull me!"

Brit in our front walk. Our house seems to capture all the blowing snow.

Jordan tried to dig out a fort, but it was too dry.

Two cute and bundled up girlies. (See, Jake? The only thing showing is our eyes. I guess we don't need that burka and head scarf after all.)

I'm *selfishly* hoping school will be cancelled again tomorrow. I really needed these two days at home! I even made pancakes. I know. So domestic of me.

Nate did remark how amazing it is that, coming from California, we have so much snow gear that actually fits the kids (and me). I'm truly thanking God. He provided it all last winter at Goodwill! Seriously! Funny thing, that He knows where we'll be moving and provides for it before we know where we'll be moving. Glad I listened and bought it all!

Here's to snow days...

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Vonny said...

LOL!!!! Nates shorts are hillarious!! Oh wow he is crazy. I miss you guys!