Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday

They came! Tuesday afternoon, they came! I was excited and apprehensive and nervous and excited.

The boxes look so flashy.

I know they don't quite look right with the outfit, but I had to put them on right away! (Brit had the camera.)

So, maybe a bit pointy-er than I would normally choose, but they are so comfy! My feet feel like they're being hugged when I have them on. Like slippers. For $7.95? Yeah. They're good. And I can wear them low or high! How fun.

I think these are my favs... except they're pretty tight. Probably should have gone up a half size. But, that's the risk I took! I'll wear them anyway. Super sturdy. And I luv me some patent! I still can't believe there were some of these left at the end of the day. I checked last night, and they're all gone now. They look smashing!

I had to show you my fun socks. Hee-hee. Life is too short to wear boring socks. (But please don't wear your fun socks with high water pants and mules. Please.)

These are the platforms w/leopard detail. I didn't post a close-up because my toe-nails are quite ashamed of their appearance, and my feet were looking awfully vein-y. Yes, my feet are vein-y. So, I took this in the hall mirror. (Obviously.)

The zebra print ones were WAAAAYYY too small. Like, a whole size or so too small. Made for someone with very narrow feet. If you come try them on and they fit, you can have them for $10.00. That recoups my $8 plus a portion of the shipping.  =^)

And, there you have it.

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Susie said...

I'm so bummed those zebra print ones don't
fit you, they were my favorites!!

What a fun day to have for new and amaIng shoes arrive, you lucky lady!! You are too cute!!

Lalena said...

You can send them to me...I'll pay shipping ;)

Summer said...

OMW!!! I love them all, but those leopard print platforms??? Girl....those are smashing!!!


JennyMac said...

leopard platform???? Gimme.

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Awe shucks! I just read the blogs and missed the sales : ( . Oooooh the zebra prints are so lovely. Actually they ALL are!