Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday

I KNOW IT!!! I haven't done a SST post in, like, forEVer. (I'm sounding like a Valley Girl right now. I played one once in a play in high school, you know. So, I can do that. Like, yeah. So, deal.)

In fact, let me go look...

Yep. The last one I did was in May. Which, technically IS forever ago... if you're in Angela Land... and since you're on this blog right now, you ARE in Angela Land. (Maybe it should be referred to as The Land of Angela. That sounds more regal.)

I just wanted to show y'all (Remember? I'm feeling southern today?) some of the gloriousness I have been blessed to adorn my toesies with, as of late.

(Steve Madden)
These gorgeous animals were given to me by my dear friend Yensi as a going away gift. (Do you see that label? That's right. God knows. He cares. He loves me.) The inCREDible thing is that I had wanted these a while ago soooooo badly. Like, drool badly. But, they weren't in the budget. Since I wanted them both in heels AND flats, my awesome hubby got me the knock-off peep toe flats at Target. (Love him!) My desire for the heels was put on the back-burner.

So, when Yensi blessed me with these (and hand-made matching earrings) at our Cali going away in July, I could not stop squealing! In fact, we went back to our house after the par-tay to finish up some cleaning, and I rolled up my jeans, put these on, and was a Cleaning Princess. A Cleaning Princess in Animal Print.

(Okay, so they're just a tad small. Like, half a size. But, it's worth it. I wear them anyway.)

If you look over there at my cute Ask Angela button, you can see them parading around with my accessories.

Did you know that each of my shoes has its own personality? These, to me, would walk down the street in their sunglasses looking all posh and amazing, never making eye contact.

See how Diva they are? They look away and pose. Like they don't notice you. But they do.


Okay, these are one of my amazingly fanTAStic recent Goodwill finds. I'm going to say they're vintage, because they look it. But, I can't prove that, it just sounds better. They are the softest snake-skin-ish leather EVer. And one of the things that makes them so incredible is they are this changeling-type metallic. They literally look silver with silver and gold with gold. I can wear them with anything!

(J. Renee)
A friend recently asked me, "How do you clean the shoes you find at Goodwill before you wear them?"

Umm. I don't. Sorry if that grosses you out! But, if shoes are NASty, I'm not going to be buying them. A few pairs I have wiped down with a Clorox wipe, but in general, I just put 'em on.


So, my birthday was last week. For those of you that DIDN'T know, you can mark it on your calendars for next year right now and I'll forgive you. I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

My incredible hubby took me to DSW and let me get THESE babies:

YUM, yum, YUM, yum, YUM!!!

The leather is wonderful and already has a broken-in kind of look. Since winter is on the way and fall has begun, I knew I wouldn't be able to wear them many times before they would have to wait for spring. But, putting them on every chance I get now!

I love that these are so versatile. They add an edge to a dress. Or they channel that somewhat-orange-leather-70's-vibe with washed out jeans. OR they funk up rolled boyfriend jeans like there's no tomorrow.

AND... I already have a great vintage purse to match!  I KNOW IT!!!

Along the lines of that shoe personality thing:

These would just stare you down with an ever so slight smirk.  =^)
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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Those last pair are so funkTEfiedly AMAZING that I have watery eyes and a watering mouth! Oh baby I want them and where the heck did you get them?!

Amber Joy said...

yes, drool! yes, jealousy! love em.

sammers said...

beautifully funked feet lady!!

Susie said...

Sassay!! Love love all of them!