Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sale Shoes? Too good to be true?

I received word today that at ALL Gabriella Rocha shoes will be marked down to $7.95 a pair Friday only. And Saturday, the same thing will happen with Bouquet Footwear. I'm not too familiar with either brand, but a friend has some GR's and loves them.

Now, this seems way too good to actually be true. A lot of the collection on hand is summer, so maybe they're trying to clear things out. I'm going to attempt a purchase as soon as I can, and will update this on whether or not it actually works.

( has $6.95 flat rate shipping, but they do NOT have free returns.)

UPDATE: YES!!! THIS REALLY IS HAPPENING!!! But, I had all the pages pulled up with the exact ones I wanted so I could put them in my cart super fast. And I checked at 12 East Coast time. Nothing. 12 my time. Nothing. 12 West Coast time. Nothing. I happened to wake up after 3am my time, and suddenly the sale was going on! So, I missed out on some of the ones I wanted most. Boo. But, I still scored some amazing shoes!
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Andrea said...

B let me get some! I got 2 pairs. I really wanted a pair of boots, but couldn't find any I liked in my size :( I got a pair of espresso colored ballet flats and tan colored heels. That's as descriptive as I get with shoes :)