Thursday, October 8, 2009

The NieNie Dialogues

Fellow blogger NieNie from the NieNieDialogues was on Oprah yesterday talking of her life and struggles following a devastating plane crash. I did not watch the full show, but this clip really affected me. A mom who feels she is taking things for granted visits NieNie in her home to observe the no-longer-easy routine of daily life.

Wow. I know I take so much of motherhood for granted. My guess is most of you do, too.

Thank you, NieNie for being brave and sharing your story so we can learn and grow and cherish.

Update: I just read back through NieNie's journey, perusing her past posts. The corners of my eyes sting a bit, from grief and joy and sadness of loss and the hope that is found in gratitude. Life is beautiful.
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God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I saw this episode, my heart was so hurt for her. And thanks for posting the link to her blog, I'd heard about her blog but didn't know what it was called:)

I love your blog by the way...especially the Sassy shoes!