Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at School!

Finally, we're back to living in a place that lets kids dress up for school on Halloween... or the day before Halloween... which is today.

I had to share:

They wanted to do an "action" shot of their costumes. Jordan is a scientist. (Wearing Nate's old George Fox Chemistry lab coat.) Brit is Snow White, minus the black wig, that won't stay on for all the tea in China. And Ian is a nerd. That's a calculator he's holding. (With any luck, he'll maintain that persona, graduate early from college, start a forward-thinking dot com that provides the world with something we've never thought of before, and will take care of us in our old age.)

They kept "acting," 'til I said hold still for the required mommy picture:

I have some cute kids.

I tried to get Taylor to dress up, too, but evidently teenage middle schoolers are "too cool" for that.

Had to share! Thanks for indulging me!

(Some of my readers are going to get all, "What? You celebrate Halloween? Well, that's just not okay. Do you know what the origins of that are? Do you know... How can you..." If there is a need to go into this, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to respond. Yes, our kids dress up. Yes, we trick-or-treat. Yes, we carve pumpkins and light them on our front porch. Just like we set up a Christmas tree in our living room in December, which was originally introduced to that holiday as a pagan symbol of fertility. We're called to be in the world and not of it. So, tomorrow night, we'll parade around in non-scary costumes and smile the biggest and say the biggest thank-you's and have friendly conversations and be IN our neighborhood spreading joy. And I'll be celebrating with loads of candy after the kids are in bed... Muah, ha, ha ha.)
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