Friday, October 2, 2009

Football is over... on to wrestling. Eeeek!

The sports don't seem to ever stop in this house. But, I'm so glad the kids are doing and achieving and learning and being a part of a team! Better a full schedule than an empty one, I say.

I thought I'd post a few pictures of Taylor after his last game this past Wednesday... that they WON! What a way to end a season. (I know. It was short. It's 7th grade. That's how they roll.)

Nate had the privilege of helping coach the team.
And, as you can see, Taylor may be about to pass ME up in height, but he has a ways to go on his father.  =^)

"Mom. Seriously. The guys are waiting for me. Can you stop taking pictures?"
"But, you look so good! Just a few more?"

"Okay, just one with me. Come on. Just one."

Good thing he loves me.

(Hey, have we seen those sunglasses somewhere else recently? Have we?)
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