Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Color Someone's Life

How will you color someone's life today?

Think about it. We have the ability to speak life or death with our tongues. (Proverbs 18:21) We have the ability to encourage or discourage someone with something as simple as a look, a glance. Everything we do spreads color, we just have to decide what kinds of colors we are going to spread.

Let me take part of that back. Because we also have the power to drain color, to take it away from someone else. If black is the absence of color... if negative words drain life... a glare or a sharp reply...

I don't want to drain the color from someone's life, I want to add to it. I want to take my life and let it spill vibrant shades of passionate red, joyful yellow, life-giving green, playful pink. Can you see it? Can you see your life as that? As a brush that can either add amazing colors to those around you... or steal them away with one hurtful stroke?

What will you do today to add color to someone's life? A friend. A spouse. A child. Someone you pass on the street. The checker in the grocery line. The woman who walks her dog at the same time you drive home every day.

A smile. A hello. A warm embrace. An extra coffee you grab at the drive through and pass to the man holding the sign on the corner. Clicking that donate link in the online checkout. Sitting down and actually writing that letter.

How will you color someone's life today?

What about tomorrow?

And the day after that?

Because life is in the little things. One well-placed stroke of sky blue can change the whole look of someone else's canvas. Will you add it?
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