Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clearing the Confusion

7 For All Mankind jeans are NOT Seven7 jeans. They are two totally different brands.

7 For All Mankind


7FAM is the real designer deal. (That are incredibly comfortable and I love!) Seven7 is a less expensive brand you find at Kohl's/Mervyn's/sometimes Macy's/etc. (That, of the pairs I have tried on, I am not too impressed with, so don't actually own.)

Many people will refer to 7FAM as "Sevens," which makes others think Seven7 jeans (pronounced "Sevens") are the designer ones worn by Hollywood and sung about by Ms. Fergie. "Seven jeans, True Religion, I say no, but they keep givin'..."

Yes, they often can both be found with 7's on the back pockets. But, here are 7FAM:

And here are Seven7's:

Tricky, tricky. It's almost like the latter is desperately hoping you'll think it's the former.

I'm just wanting to clear the air, because many are confused. And teenagers will rush into a department store, "OMG! Sevens are on SALE! Like, I HAVE to HAVE them." And, you may feel that way. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those jeans. They're a perfectly fine choice in denim! But, please don't feel that way because you're confusing those with amazing designer jeans that were the first luxury denim brand in America in the 90's and are worn by every Hollywood starlet... now on incredible sale surprisingly enough at Kohl's.

The two are entirely different brands.





Okay, just so we're all clear now. You know what's what. No more confusion.
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MooBee Mama said...

Thank you soooo much for that. I need some new jeans bad. My current favorites are a pair of Red Engine jeans my Mom got me for Christmas. She's an amazing shopper! Wish I could find some more just like them.

designer jeans said...

I have to explain this to someone at least once a week. From now on I'm just going to point them to this post! Thanks for helping to end the 7 confusion, haha.

Lady Esther said...

What brand is your favorite? Can you recommend a brand that fits well? I need jean therapy. Right now the ones I have that's are somewhat okay for me are "Lucky". Any thoughts?