Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ask Angela

So, after I posted my Ask Angela button... see it looking all adorable over there in my sidebar? Yes. It's so cute... anyway, after I posted it I did receive a few emails. And I even responded to one! But, when I went looking for the others, they were mysteriously missing!!! I don't get it. We have Comcast, which we've just never, EVER had ANY problems with whatsoever. But, every so often I'll see an email in our inbox, and then it will just up and disappear. Strange. Like, I know it's there. I saw it. I read it. Then I'll go back and it will be GONE. But, why did all the Ask Angela emails disappear, except the one I already responded to? *erie music plays in background*

So, to address the few questions that are no longer in my inbox to address so I can't remember exACTly what they were, but want to show them honor in addressing them anyway...

"Angela, what is the right way to wear white pants?" -Cindy

Dear Cindy, you're trying to challenge me, aren't you? Yes, yes. I can discern through your trickery. I will see your question and raise you an answer!

White pants CAN be awfully difficult. Please, for the sake of the rest of us, make sure they're not too see-through-y. A little is okay. We're probably going to see the outline of the pockets, because that's a darn hard one to overcome. (See? --> Pocket outline. And a cute shadow of Nate taking the photo.) But, I don't want to see the definitive outline of your underwear... or worse, if you choose to go commando.

My main advice would be this: don't buy cheap ones!!! You've GOT to get the heavier fabric. Or lightweight ones that are lined. It's a must.

Also, wear skin-toned undies. Not white. Or acquire Spanx, because white pants have this way of showing. off. every. single. nook. and. cranny. you. have. OR... you CAN go commando. (I know! You're gasping!) But, please don't do that if you've gained a few pounds and the pants are snug. Camels and their toes can stay at the zoo and in the middle east, thankyouverymuch.

(When discussing fashion do's and don'ts, there's no such thing as TMI. Just FYI.)

Worn well, there are few things classier than a crisp, pressed pair of amazing white pants. And don't you EVEN ask me if you can wear them after Labor Day. Come ON, people! Does it SNOW after Labor Day? Well, there's your answer. White is year round!

And, because you have to see the whole outift:

Nate was such a trooper. I wore this to church one Sunday over a month ago and made him take pics before we walked out the door just so I could show that most white pants, even nice, heavy ones such as these, are going to show a slight pocket outline. I know they're a little wrinkled. I was getting kids ready and out the door. Give me a break.
Pants: Ralph Lauren, Santa Maria Goodwill.
Top: Forever 21, Disabled American Veterans Thrift in Colorado Springs.
Tank: H&M forever ago. I loved it so much I went back and bought one in every color.
White Bracelets: Target Dollar spot this past Spring.
Gold Bracelet: My Grandmother's.
Earrings: Mother-in-Law's.
Sunglasses: Steve Madden from Ross, may they rest in peace.
Shoes: Target sale rack for five bucks, totally Steve Madden knock-offs. They were my emotional reaction shoes, purchased within an hour of finding out we were moving to Cali from Denver.


"Angela, you have a really great voice. Have you ever thought of making a Christmas album? Because you should." -An anonymous reader who is NOT from Redmond, Oregon 

Well, dear reader who is NOT from Redmond, Oregon, thank you so much for your kind words! It's so odd that you would write this, because I have a very wonderful friend who DOES live in Redmond, Oregon, who has said for years that I should record a Christmas album. Crazy.

Truth be told, I would love to record a Christmas album. And, just as soon as I do, you and Jason (my friend who DOES live in Redmond) will be the first to know. But, I don't exactly have the resources at this time. If a very giving, caring backer would like to swoop in and finance the project while letting me have full say on how/what/when/whom/the use of sleigh bells, I would jump at the opportunity. Or, if someone would like to give me Logic Studio. Either way.

(I am quite lamenting the fact that I won't be standing beside any red Salvation Army buckets this year strumming Christmas carols on my guitar and serenading passersby. I may go do it anyway.)

But, anonymous reader who does NOT live in Redmond, Oregon, maybe there is a way I can placate you, as well as my friend who DOES live in Redmond, Oregon. I'll have to work on that. Maybe something I could post here. That would involve Christmas songs. And singing. And a guitar. Hmmm...


"Angela, I'm needing a refresher course on how to wear capris. Can you include photos?" -Kelleigh

For a full tutorial on how to (and not to) wear capris, just jump back here.

Also, as we head into the colder months, don't think you have to store your capris away with your warm weather closet dwellers. Just add some knee-high boots to those babies and you've greatly expanded your winter wardrobe! But, be careful about letting your winter-white (Yes, white is year round. It can just be scary on your lower appendages.) legs stick out in-between your boot and capri. Layer tights underneath, or some funk-ay knee-high socks. (I couldn't find any good pics of this. I may have to take some.)

There are some HorrIFic posts out there on how to wear capris, so please be careful on whose advice you actually heed. In other words, only Audrey Hepburn can get away with any length of capri. Get an honest friend and ask their opinion.


Okay, my faithful readers, I know there are a few more Ask Angela questions that Comcast deleted somehow mysteriously disappeared from my inbox. If I missed yours, write me again! (We won't think that it could possibly have to do with the way I set up the account. Nooooo...)

And, if I didn't miss yours because YOU NEVER ASKED IT, well then, ASK IT!!! If you want to remain anonymous, just let me know! It doesn't have to be on fashion. It can be family, faith, life, what should I cook for a gathering of 40, how do I successfully procrastinate, what music should I be listening to, etc.

Because you know I'm not one to often be at a loss for words. *wink*
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Summer said...

Girl, I just bought (and posted!) my first pair of white pants EVER!!!! And I'm IN LOVE with those babies.

Best part? $3 from Salvation Army! You gotta check em out!

Btw, you love fab!!! Love that look!