Friday, October 9, 2009 GO NOW!!!!!!!!

Okay, just as I updated last night, the sale is for REALS, people!

I was frustrated as the darkest evening hours wore on because I had six windows open with the shoes I wanted so I could put them in my shopping cart as SOON as the sale started. But, I didn't know what TIME it would start. Not at midnight East Coast time. Not at midnight our time. Not at midnight West Coast time. So, I conked out. I woke up shortly after 3am to use the lavatory (Don't I sound posh?) came out to check and... it had started!!! I missed three of the ones I really, REALLY wanted!!! Namely, the gorgeous black ankle boots and a pair of incredibly hot bone colored platforms with a zebra print pony hair accent across the toe. I was devastated. SO upset.

BUT, I did get some other great pairs. I'm a little anxious to see if they actually fit well, because does not do free shipping on their returns. But, at this price, I'd probably be able to sell them on craigslist.

So, here's what I did score:

Bree boots. I had wanted these in black, but they were GONE by the time I got to the sale! Bone was the only color left, in suede and leather. I went with the leather for obvious Colorado-winter-ish reasons. I think they'll be great, fresh, unexpected, and wipe clean. (They still have these in 8.5 to 9.5.)

Zebra print pony hair Callie 2's. I know these are pretty pointy, but are going to look FAB sticking out under bootcut and trouser jeans. Also, with my wool black dress pants. Yummy! (They also still have these, but only 3 left in 7.5. Why do I wear such a common size?)

Okay, I am very excited about these Strut booties and can hardly wait to wear them with my gray skinnies and oversized top or blazer. But, evidently no one else thinks that because there are tons left in all three colors (Black and purple being the other two.) But, I am going to ROCK them! Plus, they look super-duper comfy.

What I missed out on:

I know it!!! Can you believe I missed these Jordenna's? I'm seriously in mourning. I've been wanting a pair SO BADLY!!! And, do you see the bottoms of those? They're gold. They were MEANT to be mine. Alas, no more.

I also got a pair of black platforms with a leopard print pony hair accent across the toe (that I wanted to be the bone colored ones with zebra accent), but I can't find them now to show you the photo! Boo. Four pairs of awesome shoes for under $40... including shipping! I'm so excited... even though I'm still upset about the booties... but I'm so excited... but I'm still mulling over why I missed the booties... but I'm so excited... but I'm creating outfits in my head to go with those perfect winter booties... but I'm so excited!

I'll update with photos when I get them in the mail and let you know how everything fit. I always get a little nervous ordering online for that very reason. (Which is why I never do Victoria's Secret, either, even though their clothes are amazing.)

AND, I've heard my awesome friend Andrea also took advantage and scored two pairs. AND, my dear friend Chris is going to receive SIX pairs because her incredible hubby got up this morning and bought them for her! Isn't that so fun?

Did you get in on the action? Did you take advantage of Let me know what you scored! And, if you didn't, there's still time. The sale runs through today. Most of the 7.5's are gone (again, with the totally average thing for yours truly), but if you're around a six or nine, there's still lots left. Go! Now!
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Shannon said...

I tried early this afternoon (around 11:30) and my size (7) was sold out in EVERY pair that I wanted. I even tried filtering only to size 7 so that I wouldn't get my heart set on something that was sold out, but still, no luck. I should have needed to use the WC at 3:30 like you....congrats on your purchases!

Summer said...

What? What?!? How did I miss this???

Excuse me while I put on a bib and DROOL over these babies. And then cry because I don't have any of them.


But, happiness for you!!!