Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


Let YOUR hello's be the loudest... YOUR smiles be the biggest... YOUR thank-you's stand out the most... YOUR house shine the brightest... YOUR kids be the most courteous... YOUR costumes be life-giving and the best out there... YOUR family be the one people want to follow. Let's reclaim this evening of historical darkness and spread our LIGHT to all we meet.

(And, fyi, if you collect too much candy and aren't sure what to do with it, just send it to me. If you live in the Colorado Springs area, I'll even do a pick-up. I mean, just to throw that out there. Just so you know.)

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fashion Friday: Vintage Steal

So, a while ago I posted a little blip on facebook about my steal of a Goodwill find. So many people wanted pics! It went to the cleaners and came back, then I took some photos, then never showed you...

...until now:

Vintage Diane von Furstenberg (for Lord & Taylor)... 8 BUCKS!!!
Can't you SO totally see a 70's stylin' girl walking around in this? Yes. Me, too.
Gray cowl neck sweater: a now defunct shop in Cali
Oversized pearl necklace: Thanks Mom!
Pearl earrings (seen in other photo): Real. Nate's Grandmother's. Wore them in our wedding.
Boots: Bakers
Sunglasses: Gloss, here in CS

Would you LOOK at the absolutely GORG A-line silhouette? Me luvs! Me luvs!

So, dusty rose is totally 70's... and it's fabulous. I canNOT beLIEVE this was just buried in the Goodwill coat rack. I have so wanted to own DvF. She's the queen of wrap. Truly. This jacket can wrap either way, and it's missing one of the inside buttons, but other than that is in perfect condition.

I. Am. So. Thrilled.

Mom and Dad were visiting when we took these a few weeks ago, so Mom jumped in on the action.  =^) We ARE awfully cute, aren't we?
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Halloween at School!

Finally, we're back to living in a place that lets kids dress up for school on Halloween... or the day before Halloween... which is today.

I had to share:

They wanted to do an "action" shot of their costumes. Jordan is a scientist. (Wearing Nate's old George Fox Chemistry lab coat.) Brit is Snow White, minus the black wig, that won't stay on for all the tea in China. And Ian is a nerd. That's a calculator he's holding. (With any luck, he'll maintain that persona, graduate early from college, start a forward-thinking dot com that provides the world with something we've never thought of before, and will take care of us in our old age.)

They kept "acting," 'til I said hold still for the required mommy picture:

I have some cute kids.

I tried to get Taylor to dress up, too, but evidently teenage middle schoolers are "too cool" for that.

Had to share! Thanks for indulging me!

(Some of my readers are going to get all, "What? You celebrate Halloween? Well, that's just not okay. Do you know what the origins of that are? Do you know... How can you..." If there is a need to go into this, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to respond. Yes, our kids dress up. Yes, we trick-or-treat. Yes, we carve pumpkins and light them on our front porch. Just like we set up a Christmas tree in our living room in December, which was originally introduced to that holiday as a pagan symbol of fertility. We're called to be in the world and not of it. So, tomorrow night, we'll parade around in non-scary costumes and smile the biggest and say the biggest thank-you's and have friendly conversations and be IN our neighborhood spreading joy. And I'll be celebrating with loads of candy after the kids are in bed... Muah, ha, ha ha.)
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Days


School was cancelled. There wasn't much on the ground, but the storm was supposed to continue all day and into the next.

If you look closely, you can see little black and sliver soldiers hiding amongst the fireplace stones and decor...

The boys practiced their nerf aim.

We've made a few little friends. One came to the door wondering where his breakfast was. Whoops! I put it out quickly and all was well.

Brit has found that it's nice to have friends with sledding stuff. She caught some major air in the neighbor's front yard.

Our poor pumpkins have been a little chilly and can't quite stay lit.

But, then TODAY...

There was just a tad more snow on the deck!!!

Nate, Brit and I braved the roads to the grand opening of the new Costco, where we acquired some sleds of our own. (Holy cow! They had 7 For All Mankind jeans, Burberry and Michael Kors bags, real Uggs... at our new Costco! A bit out of our Christmas-for-me price range... but I always accept gifts. *wink, wink*) The kids went around the corner to the hill, but the roads were too icy to sled successfully.

He's so cute...

Finally, Papa Bear came out to try and help the baby bears. (See! I TOLD you he always wears shorts. I know, the jacket and snowboots are a novelty.)

"Dad! Pull me! Pull me!"

Brit in our front walk. Our house seems to capture all the blowing snow.

Jordan tried to dig out a fort, but it was too dry.

Two cute and bundled up girlies. (See, Jake? The only thing showing is our eyes. I guess we don't need that burka and head scarf after all.)

I'm *selfishly* hoping school will be cancelled again tomorrow. I really needed these two days at home! I even made pancakes. I know. So domestic of me.

Nate did remark how amazing it is that, coming from California, we have so much snow gear that actually fits the kids (and me). I'm truly thanking God. He provided it all last winter at Goodwill! Seriously! Funny thing, that He knows where we'll be moving and provides for it before we know where we'll be moving. Glad I listened and bought it all!

Here's to snow days...

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Sassy Shoe Thursday

Hey, all! is having some more amazing sales. Just wanting to keep you in the loop. Now, I won't be participating because of my amazing scores last time and current lack of discretionary fundage. But, if you can't find anything for you, just remember I wear size 7 1/2. Hee-hee.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Have a Teenager

I am now the mother of a teenager.



Somehow, it happened yesterday.


I'm not sure if I'm okay with this. I mean, it happened, regardless. But, no one asked for MY authorization. They should have. I'm the MOTHER. But, no one did.



Just like that, my oldest is thirteen.



And I'm just not sure I'm okay with that.


I guess I better hurry up and get okay with that.



Congratulations, Teenager Taylor. (What a young mother you have!)
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh, yes. Yes I am.

Why do I have Whitesnake playing in my head? "Here I go again on my own..."

It's a little daunting, 30 posts in 30 days. But, I'M DOING IT!!!

"Goin' down the only road I've ever known..."

Three years ago, I succeeded. Two years ago, I failed. Last year, I succeeded.

"Like a drifter I was born to walk alone..."

So I don't feel totally on my own, WHO'S DOING IT WITH ME???

"An' I've made up my mind..."

I. am. determined. to. succeed. this. year.

"I ain't wastin' no more time..."

(That last line is just horrible grammar. Double negative. I don't think 80's hair bands care about grammar.)

"But, here I go agaaaaiiiiin."

So, if you want to join me in the NaBloPoMo challenge, just click the link, or click that nifty little button in my sidebar over there and it will be ON like Donkey KONG. To quote Wayne (played by Steve Zahn) in Saving Silverman, "Come on, come ON, come OOONNNN, come on, come on, come ON, come ON, COME ON, come on..." (We endorse the PG-13 version, fyi. The R rated one isn't as good.)

So? NaBloPoMo? Eh? Even if you don't JOIN me, you can still join me here! Every day in November. That's right. Every day. (I know they started doing NaBloPoMo every month, but the ofFICial month is November. I'm ALL about being official.)

Yeah, baby!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

You'll be glad to know...

...I did NOT scoop out pumpkin guts tonight. I didn't even offer. I didn't even feel bad for not offering. And the counter is covered in dishes. And the dishwasher is only half-way emptied. And the floor is still sticky from powdered sugar residue. And clothes and shoes and papers and partially eaten food abounds.

And I'm off to bed.

Ha! I will revel in the bliss of motherhood mediocrity!

(At least for tonight. Then tomorrow I'll feel really super duper guilty and go on a cleaning/mopping/de-cluttering/pumpkin-gut-scooping-out rampage.)
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Today was...

...rush, rush, rush to get the kids out the door because I have to be at the school half an hour after they leave to go on Brit's field trip. They take forever and leave five minutes late. So I...

...rush, rush, rush to get ready and get to the school. Five minutes late. I'm okay, and take six squealing, talking, giddy girls as my group around the zoo where we...

...rush, rush, rush to see every animal we can possibly see in an hour and a half before we go on our little guided tour. Because zoos are expensive, and I want them to get as much out of it as possible. The only animals we missed were the brown bears and the birds. We saw everything else. Everything. Else. Because I'm that good. I even got to feed the giraffes and scratch their adorable ears. And then...

... rush, rush, rush home so I can eat and take care of a few things, which wound up being me on the phone with the directv lady trying to get back over $100 dollars that they mistakenly charged us for our "free" three months of premium service we received after the move and re-install. Evidently it was as obvious as I thought it should be. Frustrating. Tears. Drifted to sleep on the coach for a few minutes before the kids...

...rush, rush, rushed in the door from school. Papers. Homework. Getting gym bags ready. Testing. Insulin. Snacks. About to leave to run Brit to gym at 4:15, and at 4:12 I am brought to a halt by an "OH, NO!" two seconds AFTER Ian has decided to swing a bag of powdered sugar over his head. FYI, it DOES stick to ceilings and walls, in addition to floors. I don't have time to deal with it right then because I...

...rush, rush, rush Brit to gym with the instructions to Jordan of, "Tell Daddy when he gets home from wrestling practice that I know about the mess and I'll clean it up as soon as I can. Just try to step over and around it, which isn't really possible," then...

...rush, rush, rush home only to miss Nate (who had just left for his night shift) and to clean up the powdered sugar mess, which Ian informs me is still sticky on the floor. "Yes, I will probably have to mop it at least two more times. Which is why we tend to NOT swing powered sugar bags over our heads," I reply. "But, I thought it was closed" says he. "It was, before you swung it," says I. I get the kitchen half way clean just in time to...

...rush, rush, rush Ian to gym and then...

...rush, rush, rush after it's over to pick up Brit *late* at her gym and then...

...rush, rush, rush home to find grumpy and teary boys who are concerned about things that should NOT bring about tears. Feed the kids dinner. Get the kids in bed. We'll have to do showers tomorrow. Find the soccer stuff that somehow every week gets scattered about the house. Plug in the video camera for Taylor's wrestling meet tomorrow. Eat something myself. Talk to hubby on the phone. Take care of a few emails. And now... hopefully... after I switch the laundry so that last jersey is clean...

...fall into bed... that tomorrow I can be at the school with Taylor at 7am to carpool kids up to the meet. Then miss a couple of soccer games, but come back in time to see Brit's last. And then go to a birthday party with Ian, for which (at some point) I will acquire a birthday gift. And then leave early to get Jordan to his soccer game, which just happens to be on the other side of town. And then somehow consume dinner and try to explain to the kids why Mommy is too tired to carve pumpkins, and probably wind up giving in and scooping out the guts anyway.

Then I'll smell like pumpkin guts when I stand in the middle of the choir on Sunday morning.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday


A couple of months ago I was SUPER duper excited to find these (vintage?) black boots at Goodwill. The name is mostly worn off of the inner sole, so I have no clue what they are. But, obviously, they had already been loved greatly by someone, as they have been resoled. I've been wanting flat black boots, but was wary of suede with the Colorado snow.

Well, after wearing these a couple of times, I was totally in love. With my gray skinnies shoved in, they were perfect. I couldn't wait to wear them with tights! (I took these, like, a month ago to show them to you.)

(Okay, these pics don't show how super-cute-vintage-y they are.)
That day's outfit:

Pulling it all together...
Dress: A shop in Goleta that my sister gave me a gift certificate to a few years back.
Tank (that you can barely see): H&M
Gray Skinnies: H&M (Luuuvvvv these!!! Wear them constantly... which you know if you live close.)
Boots: As you already know, Goodwill.
Scarf: Birthday gift, made my Mother-in-law. LOVE it! So rich feeling.
Pink bracelets: Target dollar spot
Silver cuff: Grams'
Earrings: Tiff's thrift store in Santa Maria. Can't remember the name.
Sunglasses: Gloss, here in C.S.

Anyhoo, the for-now ending of this story is, I went to put on the boots a couple of weeks ago... and the leather foot-part is separating from the sole! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Yes, I'm going to take them to a cobbler, but just haven't had the time yet. I'm not sure they can be repaired, because all of the "stuff" looks kind of frail and falling-apart-ish.

Boo. Sadness.

So, the moral of the story is: If you're looking for this season's go-to flat boot, shop your local thrift stores. Just don't get too attached, as they may fall apart. And you will be sad.

Boo. I already said that. I'm going to say it again.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday

They came! Tuesday afternoon, they came! I was excited and apprehensive and nervous and excited.

The boxes look so flashy.

I know they don't quite look right with the outfit, but I had to put them on right away! (Brit had the camera.)

So, maybe a bit pointy-er than I would normally choose, but they are so comfy! My feet feel like they're being hugged when I have them on. Like slippers. For $7.95? Yeah. They're good. And I can wear them low or high! How fun.

I think these are my favs... except they're pretty tight. Probably should have gone up a half size. But, that's the risk I took! I'll wear them anyway. Super sturdy. And I luv me some patent! I still can't believe there were some of these left at the end of the day. I checked last night, and they're all gone now. They look smashing!

I had to show you my fun socks. Hee-hee. Life is too short to wear boring socks. (But please don't wear your fun socks with high water pants and mules. Please.)

These are the platforms w/leopard detail. I didn't post a close-up because my toe-nails are quite ashamed of their appearance, and my feet were looking awfully vein-y. Yes, my feet are vein-y. So, I took this in the hall mirror. (Obviously.)

The zebra print ones were WAAAAYYY too small. Like, a whole size or so too small. Made for someone with very narrow feet. If you come try them on and they fit, you can have them for $10.00. That recoups my $8 plus a portion of the shipping.  =^)

And, there you have it.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Regarding Comments

A while back, for a number of reasons I won't take the time to go into, I disabled anonymous commenting. That meant that you had to have some sort of profile identifying yourself to leave a comment on any posts.

Well, I've enabled it again. So all of you readers who sometimes want to leave a comment but don't want to establish a profile can now do so.

Just FYI.
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Okay, just as I updated last night, the sale is for REALS, people!

I was frustrated as the darkest evening hours wore on because I had six windows open with the shoes I wanted so I could put them in my shopping cart as SOON as the sale started. But, I didn't know what TIME it would start. Not at midnight East Coast time. Not at midnight our time. Not at midnight West Coast time. So, I conked out. I woke up shortly after 3am to use the lavatory (Don't I sound posh?) came out to check and... it had started!!! I missed three of the ones I really, REALLY wanted!!! Namely, the gorgeous black ankle boots and a pair of incredibly hot bone colored platforms with a zebra print pony hair accent across the toe. I was devastated. SO upset.

BUT, I did get some other great pairs. I'm a little anxious to see if they actually fit well, because does not do free shipping on their returns. But, at this price, I'd probably be able to sell them on craigslist.

So, here's what I did score:

Bree boots. I had wanted these in black, but they were GONE by the time I got to the sale! Bone was the only color left, in suede and leather. I went with the leather for obvious Colorado-winter-ish reasons. I think they'll be great, fresh, unexpected, and wipe clean. (They still have these in 8.5 to 9.5.)

Zebra print pony hair Callie 2's. I know these are pretty pointy, but are going to look FAB sticking out under bootcut and trouser jeans. Also, with my wool black dress pants. Yummy! (They also still have these, but only 3 left in 7.5. Why do I wear such a common size?)

Okay, I am very excited about these Strut booties and can hardly wait to wear them with my gray skinnies and oversized top or blazer. But, evidently no one else thinks that because there are tons left in all three colors (Black and purple being the other two.) But, I am going to ROCK them! Plus, they look super-duper comfy.

What I missed out on:

I know it!!! Can you believe I missed these Jordenna's? I'm seriously in mourning. I've been wanting a pair SO BADLY!!! And, do you see the bottoms of those? They're gold. They were MEANT to be mine. Alas, no more.

I also got a pair of black platforms with a leopard print pony hair accent across the toe (that I wanted to be the bone colored ones with zebra accent), but I can't find them now to show you the photo! Boo. Four pairs of awesome shoes for under $40... including shipping! I'm so excited... even though I'm still upset about the booties... but I'm so excited... but I'm still mulling over why I missed the booties... but I'm so excited... but I'm creating outfits in my head to go with those perfect winter booties... but I'm so excited!

I'll update with photos when I get them in the mail and let you know how everything fit. I always get a little nervous ordering online for that very reason. (Which is why I never do Victoria's Secret, either, even though their clothes are amazing.)

AND, I've heard my awesome friend Andrea also took advantage and scored two pairs. AND, my dear friend Chris is going to receive SIX pairs because her incredible hubby got up this morning and bought them for her! Isn't that so fun?

Did you get in on the action? Did you take advantage of Let me know what you scored! And, if you didn't, there's still time. The sale runs through today. Most of the 7.5's are gone (again, with the totally average thing for yours truly), but if you're around a six or nine, there's still lots left. Go! Now!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sale Shoes? Too good to be true?

I received word today that at ALL Gabriella Rocha shoes will be marked down to $7.95 a pair Friday only. And Saturday, the same thing will happen with Bouquet Footwear. I'm not too familiar with either brand, but a friend has some GR's and loves them.

Now, this seems way too good to actually be true. A lot of the collection on hand is summer, so maybe they're trying to clear things out. I'm going to attempt a purchase as soon as I can, and will update this on whether or not it actually works.

( has $6.95 flat rate shipping, but they do NOT have free returns.)

UPDATE: YES!!! THIS REALLY IS HAPPENING!!! But, I had all the pages pulled up with the exact ones I wanted so I could put them in my cart super fast. And I checked at 12 East Coast time. Nothing. 12 my time. Nothing. 12 West Coast time. Nothing. I happened to wake up after 3am my time, and suddenly the sale was going on! So, I missed out on some of the ones I wanted most. Boo. But, I still scored some amazing shoes!
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The NieNie Dialogues

Fellow blogger NieNie from the NieNieDialogues was on Oprah yesterday talking of her life and struggles following a devastating plane crash. I did not watch the full show, but this clip really affected me. A mom who feels she is taking things for granted visits NieNie in her home to observe the no-longer-easy routine of daily life.

Wow. I know I take so much of motherhood for granted. My guess is most of you do, too.

Thank you, NieNie for being brave and sharing your story so we can learn and grow and cherish.

Update: I just read back through NieNie's journey, perusing her past posts. The corners of my eyes sting a bit, from grief and joy and sadness of loss and the hope that is found in gratitude. Life is beautiful.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ask Angela

So, after I posted my Ask Angela button... see it looking all adorable over there in my sidebar? Yes. It's so cute... anyway, after I posted it I did receive a few emails. And I even responded to one! But, when I went looking for the others, they were mysteriously missing!!! I don't get it. We have Comcast, which we've just never, EVER had ANY problems with whatsoever. But, every so often I'll see an email in our inbox, and then it will just up and disappear. Strange. Like, I know it's there. I saw it. I read it. Then I'll go back and it will be GONE. But, why did all the Ask Angela emails disappear, except the one I already responded to? *erie music plays in background*

So, to address the few questions that are no longer in my inbox to address so I can't remember exACTly what they were, but want to show them honor in addressing them anyway...

"Angela, what is the right way to wear white pants?" -Cindy

Dear Cindy, you're trying to challenge me, aren't you? Yes, yes. I can discern through your trickery. I will see your question and raise you an answer!

White pants CAN be awfully difficult. Please, for the sake of the rest of us, make sure they're not too see-through-y. A little is okay. We're probably going to see the outline of the pockets, because that's a darn hard one to overcome. (See? --> Pocket outline. And a cute shadow of Nate taking the photo.) But, I don't want to see the definitive outline of your underwear... or worse, if you choose to go commando.

My main advice would be this: don't buy cheap ones!!! You've GOT to get the heavier fabric. Or lightweight ones that are lined. It's a must.

Also, wear skin-toned undies. Not white. Or acquire Spanx, because white pants have this way of showing. off. every. single. nook. and. cranny. you. have. OR... you CAN go commando. (I know! You're gasping!) But, please don't do that if you've gained a few pounds and the pants are snug. Camels and their toes can stay at the zoo and in the middle east, thankyouverymuch.

(When discussing fashion do's and don'ts, there's no such thing as TMI. Just FYI.)

Worn well, there are few things classier than a crisp, pressed pair of amazing white pants. And don't you EVEN ask me if you can wear them after Labor Day. Come ON, people! Does it SNOW after Labor Day? Well, there's your answer. White is year round!

And, because you have to see the whole outift:

Nate was such a trooper. I wore this to church one Sunday over a month ago and made him take pics before we walked out the door just so I could show that most white pants, even nice, heavy ones such as these, are going to show a slight pocket outline. I know they're a little wrinkled. I was getting kids ready and out the door. Give me a break.
Pants: Ralph Lauren, Santa Maria Goodwill.
Top: Forever 21, Disabled American Veterans Thrift in Colorado Springs.
Tank: H&M forever ago. I loved it so much I went back and bought one in every color.
White Bracelets: Target Dollar spot this past Spring.
Gold Bracelet: My Grandmother's.
Earrings: Mother-in-Law's.
Sunglasses: Steve Madden from Ross, may they rest in peace.
Shoes: Target sale rack for five bucks, totally Steve Madden knock-offs. They were my emotional reaction shoes, purchased within an hour of finding out we were moving to Cali from Denver.


"Angela, you have a really great voice. Have you ever thought of making a Christmas album? Because you should." -An anonymous reader who is NOT from Redmond, Oregon 

Well, dear reader who is NOT from Redmond, Oregon, thank you so much for your kind words! It's so odd that you would write this, because I have a very wonderful friend who DOES live in Redmond, Oregon, who has said for years that I should record a Christmas album. Crazy.

Truth be told, I would love to record a Christmas album. And, just as soon as I do, you and Jason (my friend who DOES live in Redmond) will be the first to know. But, I don't exactly have the resources at this time. If a very giving, caring backer would like to swoop in and finance the project while letting me have full say on how/what/when/whom/the use of sleigh bells, I would jump at the opportunity. Or, if someone would like to give me Logic Studio. Either way.

(I am quite lamenting the fact that I won't be standing beside any red Salvation Army buckets this year strumming Christmas carols on my guitar and serenading passersby. I may go do it anyway.)

But, anonymous reader who does NOT live in Redmond, Oregon, maybe there is a way I can placate you, as well as my friend who DOES live in Redmond, Oregon. I'll have to work on that. Maybe something I could post here. That would involve Christmas songs. And singing. And a guitar. Hmmm...


"Angela, I'm needing a refresher course on how to wear capris. Can you include photos?" -Kelleigh

For a full tutorial on how to (and not to) wear capris, just jump back here.

Also, as we head into the colder months, don't think you have to store your capris away with your warm weather closet dwellers. Just add some knee-high boots to those babies and you've greatly expanded your winter wardrobe! But, be careful about letting your winter-white (Yes, white is year round. It can just be scary on your lower appendages.) legs stick out in-between your boot and capri. Layer tights underneath, or some funk-ay knee-high socks. (I couldn't find any good pics of this. I may have to take some.)

There are some HorrIFic posts out there on how to wear capris, so please be careful on whose advice you actually heed. In other words, only Audrey Hepburn can get away with any length of capri. Get an honest friend and ask their opinion.


Okay, my faithful readers, I know there are a few more Ask Angela questions that Comcast deleted somehow mysteriously disappeared from my inbox. If I missed yours, write me again! (We won't think that it could possibly have to do with the way I set up the account. Nooooo...)

And, if I didn't miss yours because YOU NEVER ASKED IT, well then, ASK IT!!! If you want to remain anonymous, just let me know! It doesn't have to be on fashion. It can be family, faith, life, what should I cook for a gathering of 40, how do I successfully procrastinate, what music should I be listening to, etc.

Because you know I'm not one to often be at a loss for words. *wink*
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Color Someone's Life

How will you color someone's life today?

Think about it. We have the ability to speak life or death with our tongues. (Proverbs 18:21) We have the ability to encourage or discourage someone with something as simple as a look, a glance. Everything we do spreads color, we just have to decide what kinds of colors we are going to spread.

Let me take part of that back. Because we also have the power to drain color, to take it away from someone else. If black is the absence of color... if negative words drain life... a glare or a sharp reply...

I don't want to drain the color from someone's life, I want to add to it. I want to take my life and let it spill vibrant shades of passionate red, joyful yellow, life-giving green, playful pink. Can you see it? Can you see your life as that? As a brush that can either add amazing colors to those around you... or steal them away with one hurtful stroke?

What will you do today to add color to someone's life? A friend. A spouse. A child. Someone you pass on the street. The checker in the grocery line. The woman who walks her dog at the same time you drive home every day.

A smile. A hello. A warm embrace. An extra coffee you grab at the drive through and pass to the man holding the sign on the corner. Clicking that donate link in the online checkout. Sitting down and actually writing that letter.

How will you color someone's life today?

What about tomorrow?

And the day after that?

Because life is in the little things. One well-placed stroke of sky blue can change the whole look of someone else's canvas. Will you add it?
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