Friday, September 11, 2009

The Original

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(Originally, this song played as soon as you came to this post. However, for the sake of the rest of my blog posts on the same page, I switched it to start when YOU click play. So, please, as you read this post... listen to this song.)

There is a place. It’s a place I’ve been. Where my heart is pounding. My ears hear, but they don’t hear. I’m aware of little around me, but aware of much within me. My skin tingles.

It’s a place where nothing else matters but what is going on right in that moment. Where the tears stream, and the laughter comes, and words roll off my tongue without care for who is around or who is listening. They are words that are not meant for those around me. They are spoken for Someone else.

Because it’s just the two of us in that place. Whether I’m on my feet with hands stretched as high as they can go.  Or I’m dancing. Or I’m on my knees, rocking back and forth in the waves of grace. Or I’m flat on my face because I’m so undone by love and mercy and all that surrounds me.

Everything that is counterfeit comes about because it is trying to copy an original.

I have experienced the Original.

If you have experienced a high that you think was so good… if you have gone bungee jumping… or done a certain drug… or raced and won… you’ve experienced an amazing high that is wonderful while it lasts… and you’re changed because you want more of it… you crave it…

But then it is gone.

There is an Original that does not leave. It does not fade. When you have encountered the Original, you are changed forever. Your heart yearns. You long. And you raise your hands. And tears flow. And laughter comes. And sometimes you stand. And sometimes you dance. And sometimes you kneel. And sometimes you can only help but crumble ‘til you’re flat on your face, body stretched on the ground.

All things counterfeit are trying to copy an original. The Enemy of this world tries so hard to copy the Original. He gives us temporary highs and makes us think THAT is what life is about.

But, I found the Original. I have found the One that does not fade, will never leave, is available any time.

My body will not be harmed. My finances will not fall to shreds. My family will not be hurt because I have devoted my life to chasing a high that leaves them behind.

Everything counterfeit hurts and harms and tears apart.

The Original mends and builds and brings together.

And those that have only experienced a counterfeit often look at those who have the Original and think, “They’re crazy. Look at them! But, I see something different. I see something I want. I see something attractive. But, they’re crazy! What are they talking about? Why are the acting this way?”

And they want it, but they’re unsure. And scared of what they will actually find if they get It.

What they don’t realize is, once you have It, you don’t care if others think you’re crazy or bizarre or whatever… because you have found the only thing that is REAL, the only thing that is TRULY LIFE. You have found the high, the rush that everything else tries to imitate.

Our world is fading. It is collapsing chasing after the counterfeit high.

I have the Original. I have experienced it firsthand.

Some of you see It it me. You know there is something different. You’re just not sure about having It for you.

Give in. Experience it for yourself. It’s real.

It’s the only thing that is.

He is the only thing that is.

I posted a video the other day. I embedded the song in this post. You know if it’s you I’m talking to, because your heart is beating faster and you’re thinking, “I should stop reading. This is silly. But, no! I want this. I need this. I’m not doing so hot on my own. This life is too much. Or it’s too little.” You know if this is you.

So, listen. Close your eyes. And give your life to the Only one who can give you this lasting rush, this peace and overwhelming high in the middle of the chaos. This joy that is indescribable, this laughter that comes from a place you didn’t know was in you… that wasn't in you before.

All it takes is saying, “Lord, I am Yours."

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