Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye's Idiocy & Women's Grace

I wish I could say that I'm shocked at Kanye's idiotic actions, but I'm not. What I loved was Taylor's composure under the moment...

...and the grace of Beyonce.

When is SOMEone going to let this man know he does NOT run the world, we do NOT hang on his every word, and... ironic, as this is currently being reflected in the state of our nation... the musical tastes of the few in power do NOT dictate the musical tastes of the majority???

This is a perfect example of women... in stilettos... exhibiting grace under pressure. Beautiful. Taylor swift is composed and confident beyond her years, and Beyonce just made me like her music a little more.

Bravo to two brave women. Well done.
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Shannon said...

I don't usually watch the MTV awards because they traditionally lack taste and there is more bleeping going on than actual dialogue that I wish to hear. I did not watch last night, but caught wind of this on FB. I did not hear about Beyonce giving Taylor her moment until I read this blog post and it actually brought tears to my eyes. What a gracious thing to do. All that Kanye did was make himself look foolish. Maybe he will get a clue - and maybe not, but these women did show grace under pressure.

pamela said...

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sammers said...
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sammers said...

amen to that!!! missing you!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

I missed the VMAs, but once I started hearing talk around town, " Did you hear what Kayne's did to Taylor?" I had to find out.

Yes, Taylor beautifully kept her composure and Beyonce showed class. Two great women who kept it together and who's maturity and class made Kayne look even more stupid.