Tuesday, September 1, 2009


**dramatic drum-roll, anticipation building, unknown announcers voice (With an English accent? Could we do that? Okay, good.)**

From deep within the recesses of the heart of Angela White… not very different from what you have already known for the past three and a half years as Diapers and Stilettos…

**dramatic drum-roll intensifies**

…but now with an entirely different name… because her children have not been in diapers for a very, very, veeeerrrryyyy long time…and she merely hasn’t had time to catch this blog name up with her life…

**dramatic drum-roll reaches peak of intensity**

but with her family's recent move... and the realization that she's entering a new phase of life... she has forged into the future to give you... right here… right now (How many of you just finished that line with Jesus Jones singing "watching the world wake up from history?")… fittingly at the beginning of her birthday month… I have the extreme honor and the deep privilege of introducing you to…

**a single cymbal rings out, drum-roll stops**

Stilettos and Grace!!! 


**cue triumphant trumpets and an exuberant crashing of cymbals**

Thank you!!! Thank you, very much!!!

**cue background applause (Whistles would be fun. And a few woo-hoo’s. Can we get some of those? Yes? Good.)**


I had to have a grand introduction, but you can easily look to the banner at the top of this page or the new URL and see I’ve finally accomplished what I’ve wanted to do forEVer. (Okay, maybe more like the past nine months. Which feels like forever. It’s like I was pregnant or something. Well, not quite. There wasn’t any physical pain… or uncomfortable doctor’s visits. Maybe that analogy is a bit lacking, eh?)

Stilettos and Grace! Yaaayyy!!!

I will STILL blog on fashion. (Duh.)

I will STILL blog on family. (Including my awesome hubby.)

I will STILL blog on faith.

I will STILL blog on heart issues.

I will STILL blog on random, silly things.

I will STILL continue my rampant use of ellipses, coupled with my all-too-often insertion of parentheses. (Because... I really do love them both...)

I will STILL use my punctuation and grammar in VERY rule-breaking ways to Emphasize. The. Point. I. Am. Making. Because, yes, I know the rules. (Degree: Writing and Literature. Get off my back about the ellipses and parentheses.) But, this is MY blog, and I want you to know exACTly how I’m SAYing certain things. (Voice modulation is very important in communication!!!)

But, I’m also going to have some added features you’ll notice in the coming months.

One of these is my new, fun, Ask Angela button you can see looking all cute and demure (ha!) at the top of my sidebar over there. I get fashion questions quite frequently from readers who want to know things like, “Angela, you say that hoop earrings and a bracelet will make any outfit better, but what about my favorite sweats?”


“Now, Angela, I know you talk about accentuating what we have and flattering our figure, but frankly I don’t want to accentuate any of me, and I don’t think anything can be flattered. So, what do I wear to my husband’s company party?”


“You silly woman! We can’t all wear heels! What is your DEAL?”

Well, now you can email me all those questions you’ve wanted to ask, but didn’t necessarily want to leave in the comments! I’ll try to get to them… as best as I can… (Did you catch that disclaimer?) right here on Stilettos and Grace. Just click the Ask Angela button and type away. If you don’t want me to refer to your name, just let me know that. AND, if you want to remain anonymous to yours truly, well… you’ll have to create an email that I’m not familiar with, then. (Sorry. Can’t help that one much.)

Also, you can now search my archives, powered by Google, to find something you know I wrote about but can't remember where. (I probably didn't tag it right. I'm sure it's me, not you.)

So, take your time. Check around. Some things are the same. Some things are new. This is a fun process, and I’m so honored to have you join me on it! But, don’t worry. For those of you who follow me at http://diapersandstilettos.blogspot.com, you still can. It will just be redirected here. And, if you want to go ahead and START following me, well, just mosey on over to that there sidebar and start!

And, if you have been so kind and gracious as to link to me on YOUR blog, can you just go in and change the name to Stilettos and Grace? The URL will still come to here, but you want to be all hip and current and with-the-new-name thing, don’t you?

So, come. Visit often. Join in the discussions. Email me your questions. Share the love. Remember that my birthday is on the 22nd and I’ve listed things I adore over there on the side. You can even follow me on twitter!

And… WELCOME…to Stilettos and Grace. Because life really IS a balancing act, but we CAN do it. Together.

Life. Full, It's what It's all about.

Love all of you. Bunches. And bunches. (I mean it.)
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Katie Glathar said...

YEA!!!! New beginnings how fun!

Thany said...

Oh I am a fan. So so amazing and I want to scream with excitement just as if you had a baby! Wooo Hooo!!!! Loooooooooove the name!!

Susie said...

Too funny! I just bought a new URL for my blog yesterday- lots of bloggity changes happening- new school year sort of defines new seasons in life, too, doesn't it.

Susie said...

Goodness gracious, I can't spell stilettos for the life of me.

Amber Joy said...


Willie said...

How very cool this all is!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Oh Angela-Angela-ANGELAAAAAA!! l Love it-loveit-loveit-loveit!! What wonderful new name for you blog and I love the new features!! Congrates on the cuteness and face lift on your new page!! Love the shoe photOOOOOO!! Aaaaah, I wish I was one of the girls that got to pose for the pic! Love it AAAALLLL!!!!

I pray blessing to fall upon you blog and that you reach many with fun fashion advice and all that fun stuff, but most of all that your heart for Jesus will reach those who need to hear those uplifting words of the Spirit.

Love you!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

I suddenly feel inspired to return to my blog and do some contstruction on it too!! I am so many blogs roaming in my mind and heart. I do all my "bloging" while driving in my car, they just never make unto my computer. But, now with Alexis back in school ( today) I may now find the time to express all of these thoughts in my head.

P.S I leave for Hawaii on Saturday!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaah = )!!!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...
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