Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It comes in so many ways.

This. It makes me want to sit. To let the lyrics and the melodies flow out. To find the time.

It makes me wonder where the scraps of paper have gone with words hastily scribbled, the napkins defaced at restaurants when a chorus comes.

We choose the things we devote ourselves to...

...and sometimes we wonder if we've chosen the right things.

This makes me wonder.

Because you can't do all of everything all of the time. But, then again, maybe you can do some things some of the time, and other things the other some of the time... and maybe that can add up to doing everything at one point or another.

These are the things this makes me wonder. And I find myself inspired to find out.

Jared Anderson_People of Troy from Desperation Band on Vimeo.

**To hear and purchase Jared Anderson's music (which you really should go and listen to... because it's awesome... and he's written two of my most favorite songs EVer... that aren't even on an album... and aren't even on iTunes... but they should be... because they fall into the "EVer" category... and I sing harmony to them constantly... and sing them to other people... when they'll let me... and my kids sing them around the house... and substitute words like "pizza" for "Jesus"... and I'm good at rambling), visit iTunes.
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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Nice. I really enjoyed his music. The upidy on the first song was fun! Makes you want to get up and do a little jewish jig ; ) !