Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall-ish Decorating

What I WANT to do in this post is show you all the fun fall-inspired displays I have in MY house. I want to show you the brown leather charges I got for a steal at my favorite thrift store in San Luis Obispo shortly before we moved. I want to show you a table with beads woven through orange and yellow candles. I want to show you my finials (from same thrift store) piled high in baskets.

But, that's kind of hard to do when we're still trying to get settled. Yes, I said STILL. Now, if I look for an excuse put this in perspective, we haven't even had our household goods two months yet. It will be two months on the 22nd, WHIS IS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY which is on Tuesday.

So, in lieu of ME showing you MY fun fall stuff, I want to give you some links to more-amazing-bloggers-than-me who have some fun posts on this:

You can never go wrong with the Nester. Her Fall in 5 Minutes will get you inspiried.

And Thrifty Decor Chick always makes me want to run to Hobby Lobby and CREATE. Check out Creating a Warm Fall Glow... or gawk at the craftiness of her new dining room centerpiece.

I also adore going through all the incredible ideas on One Pretty Thing. Mind you, I've never actually DONE any of them. But I DO have a word document with my favorite links pasted into it so when I actually DO get around to doing them (maybe when we're settled), I'll still know where to find them. Because I have always... al.ways. wanted to upholster a headboard.

So, go. Check out some of that fun webby awesomeness. And pray for me that I'll figure out if I really want to put my white windows on a red dining room wall where I was going for a darker theme. I may wind up putting them on the yellow entryway wall. But... I do have lots of windows and that is a small space. OH, the huMANity of it all...
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