Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Snow!

So, yesterday it kept snowing on and off. Nothing would stick, but it was fabulous. I kept running around in it and squealing, which I know is hard to imagine. I rarely EVER squeal about ANYthing.  =^)

Well, this morning when I got up to get Taylor out the door to school, I found, to my great joy and delight, that it had snowed even more whilst I was sleeping... and some of it was waiting on the patio for me to come say hello! Oh, wondrous day! There was much more squealing, and the thought that it may be somewhat dirty only flitted through my mind as I scooped finger-fulls onto my tongue. Fabulous.

And on my BIRTHday, no less! God is just so. stinking. cool. (I know this picture is blurry. I was excited! Isn't the little bird feeder cute? And we put the birdhouse down there at the request of the kids. They're desperately hoping birds will actually make their home in it. Desperately hoping.)

After Taylor was out the door, the other three got up and were completely overjoyed! Brit, who takes quite a bit after her mother, rushed outside in her jammies and to make a snowball... that is now sitting in our freezer.

It's not SUPER cold out, but the kids wanted to wear their winter coats to school. I thought that fitting, since they DO walk. We dug them out of the downstairs closet, and it was a good thing. When we went outside to do our morning prayer and kisses send-off, it started snowing again! The squealing re-commenced and tongues came out, trying to capture a few flakes.

I love snow on roofs, and took a picture of the house to file away that, yes, God did send me snow on my birthday. First time, ever. He loves me THAT much.

The clouds are clearing just a bit now, and I'm staring out my kitchen window as I type this at the white blanket on Pike's Peak. It is truly breathtaking.

It's going to be a good birthday.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!!! The snow must have been just for you! (It was not for me!!) Hope you have an amazing day today!!