Friday, September 4, 2009

Ask Angela: Heels with Cargo Shorts

Auguste writes, My wife would like to know what kind of heels would go best with cargo shorts.

 So many women are unsure of HOW to wear heels with, really, any type of shorts that they avoid it altogether. However, this can bring a whole new layer to casual and dressy-casual, and should not be a lost opportunity in the summer months or warmer climates. But, done wrong, it can also look cheap and trashy. Eeeek! So, lets try to get this one right.

Cargo shorts tend to be a heavier weight, many with cuffs and pockets. To balance this out, you would wear a heavier looking heel. This doesn’t mean you need to feel like you’re wearing concrete blocks on your feet. It does mean you need to balance the chunkier look of the short.

I would recommend a wedge or a thick-strappy sandal with a stacked heel. I would NOT recommend a delicate looking heel with thin straps, as it would make the outfit look unbalanced. (However, with a dressy short, the later would be great.)

One thing to pay attention to is the length of your short. Cargo shorts come in many shapes and sizes. If they are a longer version, you shouldn’t be wearing any kind of shoe with straps around your ankle. That will visually cut your leg off at the strap and make you look shorter than you really are. Likewise, if you are naturally of a more demure stature, (Did you like how I carefully phrased that?) you should not be wearing anything around your ankle period. No matter the length of the short. It will make you look stubby. (Basically, with all outfits, the higher the heel, the more length will be added to your leg, making you appear taller and thinner.)

Lemme give ya some visuals... 

Notice how Jennifer Aniston (LOVE her!) balances the cargos with a chunkier heel, but switches to a more delicate with the dressier short. I swear, she gets it right almost every. single. time. That girl. We would be tiiight.

Now, because I have seen WAAAYYY too much of this lately, (Auguste, this has nothing to do with your question!)... whenEVer you are doing heels with ANY kind of short, PLEASE don't do this...

Waaayyy too short. Way. I don't care WHO you are. I don't want to be afraid that I'm about to see your lady business, AND the point of wearing heels with shorts is NOT to look like you just came off the stripper stage! All too often I see people forgetting this. It can turn trashy in an instant. Mid to upper thigh length is fine. Shorts that are even (or just about even) with your who-haa are not.

Thanks, Auguste, for submitting your question to Ask Angela! I hope I helped. 

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Shauna Shaw said...

Hey Angela... it's been forever since I've stopped by your blog. How have you been? I'm no longer on MySpace - but have you moved over to FB by chance?

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