Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Emmy Fashion High(and low)lights

No, I didn't actually watch them. But I do enjoy perusing the web to see the dresses!

Drew totally aced it. ABsoLUTEly Gorg. Uh. Love it. And the bright lip with the pale dress? Totally unexpected and perfectly perfect.

This one, too. Adore the chunky cuffs & take-notice-shoulders. Crisp. Lovely. Probably the one you would find me in.

I thought the feathers were a nice touch. Different, unique. But, I would have gone with a different shoe.

She didn't hit it out of the park, but it's a solid double for sure. Very pretty. The hair was a refreshing, natural touch.

I really like the individuality of this. It has the beauty of a spanish princess, without going to extremes. Really very nice.

The only *appropriately* short dress I saw. But, the real gem of this outfit is the shoe!!! Oh, my GOSH! Do you SEE the exquisite craftsmanship? The sheer wonder of the silhouette? Mary-Louise. Can I have those? I mean, are you REALLY going to wear them again? Because I WILL!

People are missing the whole point of Sandra Oh's dress. I think it's very nice, a little safe, and that she should lose the belt. The outline also may have been nicer with a soft up-do. HowEVer, do you SEE that peep of pink poking out from beneath? Yes? Those are her SHOES! It would appear she had on pink shoes! I SO wish I could see them! That was absolutely brilliant. And nearly everyone probably missed it.

Okay, now. I take severe issue with this. My eyes have read numerous sites that say this falls into the "good" category. What the heck? She's like an early J-Lo! Once was enough, honey. Let's not revisit. I don't know. Maybe I'm being too harsh. If it was JUST the dress, paired with softer hair. Or keep the hair, but lose the bell sleeve and get some different (dangly?) earrings. Maybe... maybe.

I just don't need to see THAT much of you. I just don't. Stop the V at your sternum and it would make my good list.

Ummm... not sure what to say here... *crickets*... ummm... gee...


Now, this really was sad for me. Christina is usually so lovely. I think I wore this for my high school jazz band performances, but in a tea length.

All. Sorts. Of. Wrong.
All. Sorts.

Ack! It's Elvira on her wedding day!

Shar, I'm so, so sorry. I really am, because you seem quite sweet. Whoever told you this was okay needs to be fired. I will fire them for you, if you'd like. Just give me their info. I really am sorry.

At first I thought she did it on purpose, because she's prone to that. But then I saw her smile, and I don't think so. That's not a confident, "Ha! Screw this! I'm going to make you all laugh!" kind of smile. It's an, "Uh, I'm not sure about this." smile. Please, someone find online where it says she wore this as a joke and post it here in my comments. Please?

I get it already! You voted for him! Okay!

Alright. So, I wasn't even going to post this because the whole point is so obviously to get attention, and I didn't want to dignify it with such. But, it just goes to show that, no matter how big the occasion, someone is ALWAYS going to do the equivalent of painting their body and running around naked just so people will take pictures. Ugh.

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Amber Joy said...

okay, I'm thinking either the short purple for me or the spanish fiesta-ish. With my hair the length it is, I would do the slicked back coif with a light smoky eye (the dress has quite a bit of drama itself, don't want to over-do), with the purple, I do something with some body. heck I just need my hair to grow out, there's not much to be done with it right now!