Thursday, August 20, 2009

What goes around, goes around, goes around, goes around...

...comes back around.

I remember 7th grade. Watching Mike McGill one row over bend down and carefully fold the bottom of his pantleg into a taper, then meticulously roll it up into... a peg. It was glorious to behold. The artistry. I did the same with my acid washed favs. And all was well with the world... until my feet went a little tingly from lack of circulation. (Mike used to say that meant you were doing it right.)


Flash to yesterday. I'm walking into Costco. I happen to look down and realize... OH, MY GOSH!!! MY PANTS ARE PEGGED!!!!!

No, my pants didn't suddenly become conscious of the world and peg themselves. I just didn't quite realize that... when I folded them over and rolled them up a few times because I wanted something a little different in the outfit but still wanted to wear my comfy khaki pants that I've had forEVer... I was pegging them!!! (Queen of the run-on sentence! Yes!)

Suddenly becoming aware can rock you. I started laughing. And remembered Mike McGill in all of his pegged pants glory.

So, I had to come home and document the drama for you. (Because that's what my life would be. A docu-drama. I don't think it could ever be just a doc, because there's too much inflection in my voice. Right? RIGHT??? Hee-hee.)

Omg! Lol! They're pegged! Like, you know, middle school. Like, totally. (Okay, so it's a loose peg. Very. They actually just look rolled up. But they ARE folded over. Which constitutes a peg. Wait! I can't resist! "I don't even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire RACK." Sorry. Had to do it.)

Had to show you the outfit. Ian wanted to be in on it, too. He's so cute.

I HAD been wearing my hair all down and messy-windblown-like. But then we were arranging things in the garage. And I pulled back my fringe with some bobbys... and I liked what happened! So I left it. And documented it, too.

Now, I don't have any current, you've-got-to-have-them boyfriend jeans to peg. I know. So sad. But, when I get them, I'm sure I'll be all back-in-the-day nostalgic again. Yes.
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Shannon said...

At least you're not wearing Reebok's and a can of Aqua Net on your head :). Thanks for the light post, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, and if you're generous enough - bring others along with you.

Macks and Knickknacks said...

I remember when Amber came home from school with her pants like that. At first Christel and I made fun of her, but then we copied her a little bit. Love ya girl!

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Your hair is so hot!! Love it!

Lalena said...

love the shoes! i'm so glad you got them!!!!