Saturday, August 1, 2009


...we've been busy with a few things here in Colorado Springs.

Enjoying Fatburger, one of our favorites!

Moving into our new home.

Enjoying thundershowers! (Music to this native Oregonian's heart.)

Wading through boxes and boxes and more boxes.

Getting excited about gymnastics. (At the Olympic Training Center!)


We're getting settled, slowly but surely. Boxes of things are turning into piles of things. Some emails are actually getting returned. A blog post is actually being written. And the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'...
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danielle said...

aw I loved that you put up pictures of the move, painting and all... feels like we get a glimpse of your new beginning and home...without the flight to CO. ps thanks for the kind words about my photography, so sweet :)

Andy said...

Ohhh Allyson would be jealous of being near the olympic center. That is where all the volleyball goes down and she has been talking about wanting to go there forever.