Wednesday, August 5, 2009

O Beautiful, for spacious skies...

We went to the top of Pikes Peak yesterday. God's majesty displayed in His creation is truly breathtaking... literally. At 14,000 feet it can be darn hard to breathe!

It was amazing to look all around, to see the sun illuminating the fields of green below, then turn and watch lightning pierce the sky on the other side of the mountain. Clouds streaked down like cotton candy pulled from it's cone. It was all so glorious to see!

On our way up it rained for a bit. Then suddenly the kids all squealed (okay, I did, too) as it turned to snow! After three years in California, this was such a thrill! When we reached the top there was a beautiful rainbow.

(Conversations of Noah and arks and smelly animals and God's promises were prevalent.)

I was trying to get one of us with the rainbow in the background. (Yes, me with my mad hold-camera-at-arm's-length-and-hope-for-the-best skills.) If you look closely and squint you can catch a bit in the right hand corner! Maybe.

I told Taylor this picture captured his, as of late, oft stormy mood. I know. "Aww, mom..."

Family picture time!

Me and my luvah. (Can you hear that cheesy early 90's song right here?)

Leave it to my boys to find the snow... climb down to it... and bring back snowballs.

The end of the cog railway you can take up (for the small price of your first born child or right arm, which ever you'd prefer). The kids had a Wile E. Coyote moment.

Nate's parents have been here. What fun to experience something like this together!

For some history on Pikes Peak as it relates to one of our Nation's most beautiful (and one of my all-time favorite) songs, watch this video. Seriously. Watch it. It's short. And so worth it. (But stop the music at the bottom of the page before you click play!)
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Susie said...

I'm a little paranoid of kids and mountain tops- how does one get over that and let children roam? Andy wants to take the girls to the Grand Canyon, I said, they could fall IN.

I always enjoy catching up with your family, Angela.

The Adventure said...

Greetings from the other side of the city!! Love the picture of the rainbow. Pikes peak is soooo amazing!!! We are planning a trip up soon - maybe labor day weekend after the balloon festival!

robert said...

Yes, it was the view from the top of Pike's Peak that inspired Katharine Bates to write America the Beautiful. (As a Canadian, that's a national hymn for which I envy you. Lovely!) And today is the 150th anniversary of Bates's birth. God bless.