Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm not sure I'm ready for this

Friday I had one. very. excited. twelve-year-old. Football gear handouts. Real pads. Real helmet. Real football pants. And his dad's old practice jersey.


When did I get to be this age? Old enough to have a son playing football? And not flag football, but full contact football. When did all this time pass by?

Yesterday while riding around doing errands he announced from the backseat, "Hey! It says my mouthpiece has a $1000 guarantee against any damage! Cool!"

Yes. Cool. My thoughts exactly.

But he's been running every day out at the track behind our house. And he went and ran drills in our backyard yesterday of his own accord. He really wants to make the interscholastic team (as opposed to the intramural team, which anyone that comes out is automatically on), and is putting forth the effort. Determination. I'm proud of that.

So, today at lunch when he said, "Mom, the first time I get hit are you going to be crying, 'Oh! My baby!' from the sidelines?" I said right back, "No. I'll be yelling at the mom crying on the other side of the field, 'That's right! My baby just took out your baby!"

He smiled broadly and sat up a little taller in his seat.

Good thing he has a little sister to keep him in check.

(Oh, Lord! Help me survive this mothering thing!)
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Amy said...

Well.. we are there my friend. Connor's first season of football I had missed the first few games because they overlapped with Paige/Garrett/Tanner soccer.. I wanted to be there for his game, (even though deep down I knew I didn't want to see him tackled). So as the schedules aligned I ran straight from soccer to football. The game was already going. I parked, stepped out of my car, I hadn't even shut my door yet and the first thing I heard from the sidelines was one of the other mom's yell "IS THAT CONNOR BLEEDING"? and it was...

Jeremy said...

Ahhhhh...I remember my first day of football well. Everyone getting pads, Nate came along to help out. I couldn't get my pants on so we stood up on the bench and I jumped off while he jerked my pants up. Worked like a charm! Fun times! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

MooBee Mama said...

I was nervous my first year too. Now I'm a high school football FREAK!!! Love to watch my son and still get nervous but the team and the hard work and the organization of it all is helping shape him into a man!