Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I would SO totally do this...

...but we just moved into a (glorious, lovely, breath-taking, perfect-for-us) rental, and I believe the owner's words were something like, "Paint the rooms anything you like, but we did do all the trim and doors glossy white. We really like that. So do whatever in the rooms, just leave the trim and doors how they are. Please."

Just LOOK at this beloved-ly perfect garage door project one of my fav-y-favorite bloggers, Thrifty Decor Chick, did. And SHE got the idea from even anOTHer blogger (Just a Girl). (Love all the bloggyness!)

I just would SO do this to our garage entryway door! I even have the guts and the gumption! It would be welcoming, and different, and would hide smudgy little finger prints the residents of our home at times leave on all things white.

I want to paint our barstools black, too. As it is I've recovered them with zebra print *thanks to a patient Father-in-law!* which is much better than tan something-or-other with the corners coming apart. Wait! Don't look at the many piles on our countertop! Or the paper on the floor that I didn't bother to pick up! Avert your eyes! Avert your eyes! Darn it. Now you know I'm not perfect and my house is still in MAJOR transition mode. Ugh.

Maybe I should just ask. I should just ask about the black paint. Of course, Nate really is tired of the painting and the still-in-transition-mode. So, maybe I should get settled first and THEN ask. (Hmm... something about getting settled first is ringing in my head. God? Did You say something about that recently?)

Hey, if any of you are debating a bold home project... GO FOR IT!!! You only live once, and paint is easy to re-do. Get the guts and gumption.

Now I'm going to get back to my decrapification, that is otherwise known as unpacking. (Thanks Sarah for the new word!)
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Kelleigh said...

OH MY GOSH. Last night I told Mitch about Thrifty Decor Chick's project and then I referenced Just a Girl and asked if I could do that to our door. He said yes. Eeek! I'm totally doing it. Funny that we both saw that yesterday and wanted to do it!!