Friday, August 14, 2009


Do you hear me? Store-Placement-Decision-Maker People at H&M corporate headquarters???

I mean, SERIOUSLY. Because you can't come out with something like THIS and think that girls like ME, who now live NOWHERE NEAR an H&M, will be fine and dandy.

I am not fine and dandy. I want these shoes. Probably my one chance at ever actually owning a pair of Jimmy Choo's and I've just moved away from anywhere within close proximity to your glorious shopping oasis of quality affordable fashion.

Oh, what a world! What a world! I'm melting! I'm melting! Waaaa-haaa-haaaaaa.......

My ONLY CONSOLATION is that it says they'll be available at "selected H&M shops," which means not all. Which means that not everyone who even lives close to your stores will be able to get them. Yes, that's a consolation. Because if I'M going to be in misery, it only helps if I know there are OTHERS in misery with me.

But, think about it! Denver would be the IDEAL location for your next store!!! It would marry your East Coast and West Coast presence. It would introduce your finery to a new market. And, the Denver/Colorado Springs area IS one of the fastest growing in the nation. Plus, we're supposed to rebound from the whole recession thing faster. AND, speaking of the recession, I'm sure there's an amazing large storefront that you would be able to move into BEFORE NOVEMBER!!!!!! BeFORE you introduce your new Choo line. Eh? EH?

Now we're talkin'... NOW we're talkin'! Okay, so I'm the only one doing the talkin' (not a new thing, I assure you), but at least the issue has been brought to the forefront.

Think about it? Lovely H&M Store-Placement-Decision-Maker People?

You have your people call my people. We'll talk.

*Photo from H&M's online magazine. I'll be deconstructing their Fall Fashion shortly.*
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Shannon said...

Angela, you are so adorable. Take consolation in this - the shopping there in the Springs, and in Castle Rock (which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from us) and Denver, are a zillion times better than the shopping we had in Santa Maria. I had to do most of my shopping online, or in SB or trek out to the Camarillo outlets and wait, just wait patiently for another trip to Chicago for some decent shopping. We have moved up in the shopping world!

Susie said...

And P.S. Ohio can use one, too.

Anonymous said...

Girl I hear ya', I've sent two messages to their Customer Service:

Giving them my two cents. I was tempted to say that Colorado Residents have finer taste then those in Florida, but I refrained.

I see all of the stores in Ca--- so close but so far away... H&M is the only reason I miss the North East. Boo hoo for you, me and all of us that love high quality, reasonably priced couture. :(