Sunday, August 2, 2009


If you've ever popped over to my music page and listened to my songs and liked any of them, well, you can have them!

If you've popped over to my music page and listened to my songs and haven't liked any of them, well, I'm not going to force them on you. =^)

Myspace doesn't have download capability right now. And evidently the music blaster thing-y (that's a technical term, by the way) that WAS on there isn't working. I've been wanting to give away my songs to whomever wanted them for a long time! But, evidently, it's hard for a small-time girl like me to do that.

SOOOOOO... leave me a comment here (make sure there's a valid email address so I can reach you), or email me at You can have all of them or just a few. Simply tell me which ones! No strings attached. I'm not going to send you spam for the rest of your life. I'll just send you the mp3's. Then you can put them on your iPod or burn them to a cd or blast them from your car with your windows down or send them out to all your friends or bury them in your music files and never listen to them again. They're yours!!!

So go. Listen. Take. Be happy.
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MomOfDudes said...

I'll take them all... I am a fan!!!

Love ya and hope your new home is greatly blessed

Norm said...

Um... you don't know me but I LOVE your music!! Please send me everything you have. Wierd question... do you have any Christmas songs? Just wondering. I don't know if you've heard it before but I think you should make a Christmas album. That would be AMAZING!! E-mail is:

Nicole said...

so I'm a little behind in my blog following, and just saw this, but I would love to have them all. I love your music. Hope you're enjoying this cold, Colorado day!