Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ummm... temporarily out of service?

I guess that's the title I should have put on a post I should have done THREE WEEKS AGO!!! Hind sight's 20/20, and I had NO idea I would be this absent from bloggy-land. My intentions were to post often through our move. Give updates on our move-out, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, our move-in, our new house, etc.

But intentions don't mean jack squat. Actions do. I've been action-less. Well, not really. My life has been full up of crazy here-there-everywhere-ish-ness. But, blog-speaking...

The short of it is we've been in Colorado Springs for a week now. We were without email until this past Thursday evening, which we were NOT warned about...

(Before we left-

Us: "So, we'll be able to access our email accounts throughout our move?"

Comcast: "Yes, that is correct."

Us: "So, even though we're turning off email service at our California residence and it won't be hooked up yet in Colorado, we'll be able to access our accounts just fine?"

Comcast: "Yes, because you're account will still be active. I've put in the transfer order for your passwords, so all will be fine."

Us: "So, all of our passwords and addresses will remain the same? And we'll have no trouble with any of it? And we'll keep receiving emails?"

Comcast: "Yes, that is correct."

A week ago-

Us: "So, we haven't been able to access our email account even though we were told we would be able to."

Comcast: "Yes, I see here the order to transfer your passwords was never put in. Let me fix that now."

Us: "So, when will we be able to access our email?"

Comcast: "Within 24 hours. We'll call you when the order is fully processed."

A week minus 36 hours ago-

Us: "We still can't access email."

Comcast: "Yes, that's because you're modem isn't set up in your house."

Us: "We were told that didn't matter, that we would still have access."

Comcast: "That was incorrect. You have to have a modem set up to access email."

Us: "Even though it's online? Shouldn't we be able to access it from any computer online?"

Comcast: "No because your passwords haven't been transfered."

Us: *speaking in a very controlled voice* "We were told that would happen over 24 hours ago."

Comcast: "Yes. I can see that order has been issued, however, you have to have a modem for us to grab onto or else they're just floating around and can't register with anything. When your modem is set up, your passwords will be transfered."

Us: "Well, the guy is here trying to set up our modem right now..."

Comcast: "Good, then..."

Us: "...but he's scared to go into our neighbor's backyard to access the panel because there are two dogs that are so friendly they're going to lick his hand and somehow he's afraid that will cause dismemberment and possibly death. Our neighbor isn't home, and now our installer is leaving and saying he won't be back 'til next Thursday. I need email before next Thursday!!!"

Comcast: "Well, we'll get things set up on Thursday then, ma'am."

Us: "What about emails people have been sending us? Will they still come through?"

Comcast: "No. They'll get bounced back because your account isn't set up yet."

Us: "You mean people are emailing us and we're not getting it and now they think our email won't work anymore?"

Comcast: "We can't do anything until your modem is set up, ma'am."

Us: *pulls hair out and screams*

This past Thursday-

Us: "The Comcast guy just hooked up our internet. Everything seems to be working. But we still don't have email."

Comcast: "Um, yes. I can see that transfer order was never put in."

Us: "Whatdoyoumeanitwasn'tputinweweresupposedtohaveemailforthepasthoweverlongandweretolditwouldbefineandnowwehaven'thaditbuttheorderwasputinbutitactuallyWASN'T???"

Comcast: "Well, wait. No, I'm sorry. The order was put in, but it takes up to 72 hours to process."


Comcast: "Yes, well, 72 hours ma'am."

Us: "I'm counting it up... gee... yep, that's over 72 hours."

Comcast: "Well, it should be up and running then within the next few hours."

Us: *Nate is shouting in the background, 'Tell them if it's not, we're switching to Qwest!'*

Thursday night-

Us: "Our email is now turned on, but we're unable to access our old accounts like we were guaranteed we would be able to. Our entire internet connection is now locked up in a Please Set Up Your New Email Account screen. We don't want a new account. We want our old ones."

Comcast: "Umm... yes... *click, click, click* I see what's been going on... *click, click* Give me a few more seconds... *click, click* Okay. There. It should all be up and running.

Us: "Wha...? Oh, my. Yep. There it is on my screen."

Comcast: "It's there? Good. Yes, I can see that someone just didn't want to do the work. Since the transfer order was neglected originally, it needed to be manually done. The system was never going to pull it back. Good thing you called again."

Us: "THANK YOU! You are an amazing person. Are you married? Can we betroth our daughter to you?"


*ring, ring* "Hello?"

"This is a courtesy call from Comcast letting you know your email is now..."

*Slams phone down*)

If you tried to email us and it got bounced back, please resend it! I LOVE GETTING EMAIL!

I will try to post more often now that we're here and getting settled, BUT I do have some changes for this blog in store. I know! Can't you just hardly STAND it?

"No, actually I'm just fine. You haven't posted in weeks. Why would I be hanging here with baited breath about some change you're going to make? Big deal. You'll probably get swamped and not post again for another few weeks. Why do I even still read this thing?"

Ummm.. yes. Sorry. But things HAVE been busy. The boxes are slowly going away, but the piles of where-do-I-put-this stuff are growing. Somewhere between continuing to get settled, Brit's new gym (good story), Ian's new gym (even better story), painting rooms (story I'll spare you), diving into our new church (good story), making new friends (one brings me coffee!), figuring out medical care, catching up with old friends, etc...

...somewhere between those things I'll keep you posted.


Because I have fun pictures of our 12 mile, 10 hour hike in the Grand Canyon. And new shoes. And Vegas. And a while ago there was Taylor's baseball All-Stars. And a fun impromptu pool party before we left Santa Maria. And so many little gifts God has given us along the way. And you KNOW I'm not one to keep fun things to myself. In fact, I was going to post a photo here as a teaser, but there's almost 500 that need to download. And it's late. And I'm tired.

(Thanks for loving me anyway!)
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

So much... catch up on! But, alas, no time. No time.

Today, a day traditionally reserved for barbeques and friends and fun and relaxing, was spent taking things off walls, filling holes, touching up paint, doing last loads of laundry, etc. We DID get to take a break for about 90 minutes tonight to watch/do some fireworks tonight with our CFL family.

I have so much to blog about! And just no spare minutes. Enter... Godchicks... Neverland Ranch... painting furniture... SHOES (the most important thing, after all).

Another day, another time.

Happy Fourth of July!
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