Saturday, June 13, 2009

My kids have talent!

The school had a talent show this past week. I was so proud of Jordan & Brittney for putting this routine together and being brave in front of their classmates! That's a big deal. A. Big. Deal. I remember how petrified I used to be just thinking about being in front of my school. Eeek! My stomach still churns at the thought.

Ian's class had put together a song on the recorder for open house night that they also did in the talent show. He was a little freaked in the morning, but got all brave by the time he was supposed to perform. If you watch closely you can see him say "yo" as he walks out and sees we're there. He's such a little ham.

*Remember to mute the music at the bottom of the page before playing the video!*

I'm such a proud mama!
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Dani said...

Yay White kids!! So, I think Brittney answered the question of: "What do you do when you don't have a balance beam?" You use your older brother! Every girl needs an older brother.

Willie said...

Haha! Very cute.