Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Ready

Yesterday there were phone calls to hotels here, and phone calls to hotels in Colorado Springs.

There were dates written on the calendar for various farewell parties.

There was trying to figure out when we could have that promised slumber-party-to-end-all-slumber-parties.

There was the realization that all those absolutely-make-sure-we-visit-while-living-here places aren't going to be visited.

There was the looking around the house, wondering what won't fit right in our new home.

There was the thankfulness and the peace that we already have our new home!

There was the panic at projects not finished, furniture not painted that needs to be. (Or else it can't come.)

There was more panic when I realized I have yet to schedule in concrete the all-important family photos we've been aiming for.

There was the refiguring of doctors and prescriptions and appointments for Ian.

There was the last Tball game.

There was my last, lesson-oriented Tune-Up Tuesday worship meeting.

There was the announcement the one on July 7th would be our going away.

There was my ever-helpful-husband saying, "Thirty-eight days. Thirty-eight days."


This morning there was checking out the church we feel God is calling us to.

There was some intimidation, but joy and expectant tears at an overwhelming emotion I can't even describe.

There was getting the house ready so our landlords can show it to prospective buyers.

There was running across the photos of our new home while uploading others to my blog.

There was running across the photos of the boys with their friends, and me with mine.

And there were more tears.

And in all of it, there is the unswerving knowledge that my family is right in the middle of exactly what God has called us to.

I see what He has provided here:

...and I know He will provide it here:

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Amber Joy said...

wait, I don't get to be the one to do the pictures? sniff*

Amber Joy said...

just joking

The Adventure said...

10 days....10 days left...packers tomorrow! The good byes are hard aren't they - but the future is always exciting!

Anonymous said...

Stop it. You are making me get all teary for you.

I'm so glad you are seeing God's hand in this.

Still. Makes me sad for you!

Katie Glathar said...

*sniff* We serve a BIG God! Praying for you, White family!