Monday, May 18, 2009

Coincidence? (Nope.)

This past March we had a blast at Disneyland. We knew some friends were there at the same time, but what are the odds you'll run into someone you know? Then, *cue dramatic music* walking under the Golden Gate Bridge into California Adventure, we did. How fun! I had Nate take a picture to prove it.

There we are. Chad, Sandy and my happy self. Right in the middle of Disneyland. Totally unplanned. Can you believe it?

So, this past Tuesday evening I was at the LA airport on my way back from Denver. I was making the trek from the "we fly to big cities" concourse to the "we fly to little cities" concourse. There was Starbucks. Yummy Starbucks. Latte? No. Too late. Hmmm... maybe a tea. No. But there was this urge to go in anyway. At least peak around the corner. "No, I won't get anything." Hmmm... "Yes! Yes! Go!" So, I walk in and... *cue dramatic music* there was Sandy! Sitting in Starbucks! I had to take a picture to prove we were there together.

There we are. Sandy and my happy self. Right in the middle of the LA airport. Totally unplanned. Can you believe it?

I would say this is just a coincidence, except that I don't think it is. In fact, I don't think there's such a thing as a coincidence. Not when I have the Creator of the Universe ordering my steps.

(Good thing I listen to that small voice. Think of what I would miss if I didn't! I have more awesome stories from my trip. They have to do with listening to that small voice, too.)
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MooBee Mama said...

God is so sweet that way isn't he?? He's waaaay into relationships, man.