Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Friends and food and fun and celebrating... celebrating the awesome freedom we have in Christ!!! I can't think of anything better! Saturday was Church For Life's annual BBQ in the park. Sunday was our awesome church. (Seriously, if you don't go, you're missing out. And if you go but think I'm crazy when I say church is awesome, you need to find a new church.) And then Sunday afternoon we celebrated with 60+ people at our house. To top it all off, Mom and Dad were here!

Girl time is great! (Madison, Brittney, Katie)

Grandma and Jordan

Girls rule, boys drool. Except that Jord beat them, hands down.

Men being manly.

I had to get in on the action. Taylor was yelling, "Mom! Pretend it's a great deal at Goodwill! Don't let it get away!" (I won this one. My record for the day was 2-2.) Good thing I wore a belt! Crack kills.

Ian showing off his muscles.

Me and the Easter bunny. We're tiiiiiiight.

Mom and Dad just left a bit ago. This picture would look more cheerful, but we got hit with a stomach bug in the middle of the night. Taylor is recovering. Dad is in the middle of it. Brit is coming down with it. Ian is fine, he's just sad they're leaving.
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Lalena said...

Hope everyones feeling better soon.