Thursday, April 23, 2009

At least we know we're loved...

Wednesday morning I went in to wake the boys up for school, per usual. We've had a bit of a warm spell here, so there window was open and the blinds were turned to let in the cool air. Something fluttering in the breeze on the yard below caught my attention...

Hmm... it all looks eerily familiar. Except last time we caught it beFORE the sprinklers came on. I did think the saran wrap around our cars was a nice touch. And wet paper towels are easier to clean up than wet toilet paper... both of which had a familiar feel. I'm thinking we may use them often? Like, on a weekly basis? At a particular establishment of faith?

(Something seemed to be spelled out on the lawn. I couldn't decipher it. Can you?)

It's nice to know that we're loved. (And that Nate's really good at paybacks. I have a list of names going. There may be a reward for any information leading to the capture of the perpetrators.)
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Thany said...

I am sure I said this last time: I LOVE LOVE TP-ing! Growing up as the daughter of a College Pastor and then just general Pastor in general, we got TP'd a LOT! When we moved to our house in San Diego, Dad preached what he called "a fork sermon" and we woke up the next morning with tons and tons of forks lined up in our front yard. It looked like Arlington!

Always call me to go TP-ing. I am in.

PS: Word Verification is Nugrento--good name for a super hero who loves nougat. :)

Andy said...

Tough to tell from the picture but it kinda looks like it might have said Army at some point. You have any army personnel or friends in the area?