Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Breathing

All is quiet. Peaceful.

Spring Break is over. The kids went back to school this morning.

The house is a wreck. Laundry is knee deep and a six year old long on the upstairs landing in two piles: clean and dirty. (You think I'm exaggerating. Come stand next to it. It will reach your knees. Then Ian will lay next to it and you'll see I'm actually quite accurate in my description.)

The floor has scattered spots of odd stickiness.

I have a very long to-do list.

And Jessica Alba wore a horrific "mom jeans" outfit (that InStyle evidently deemed worthy for their Look of the Day email) that begs for a blog post. But that is NOT on my to-do list.

I always look forward to Spring Break. The kids will be home. Sleeping in. Fun. Parks. Family time.

Then there's the whining and the arguing and it was cold and windy so we couldn't go to the park.

So last night I was looking forward to them going back to school.

How do I survive summer again? Does anyone remember?
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Lalena said...

Ahhhh...spring, summer and winter to love em and let em go...

Gramma Carolee said...

You let them come to Gramma's for a while!!!