Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Yours?

*Remember to pause my blog music before playing the video.*


Insecure, Unsure, Bound to Other's Approval
Confident, Passionate, Freedom in Standing for Truth

...or maybe this...

Ashamed, Pregnant Out of Wedlock
Free From Guilt; God is Freeing Others Through Me!

What's Yours?
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MomOfDudes said...

Super Powerful, Thanks pal


Crippled by Jealousy and the need to Gossip

Free to be grateful for Gods blessings...

Summer said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing....that was moving!

Bound by bitterness, insecure, angry

Freed by Christ's blood, confident woman of God, pouring out His love on children all around me

MooBee Mama said...

Totally AWESOME!!! Thank you!

Always afraid of everything!

Resting in God's refuge every day.

Anonymous said...

What a pot of crack.

OK, my turn. I would have stood on the platform, in a super holy flowered dress with the big "v" lace collar, all ready for my arranged marriage to the super holy church guy and said "healed from my inclination to think for myself. Ready to embrace voluntary submission to the Head of the Household, even though he doesn't have a college degree and can't postulate his own theories outside of the church's guidance." And smiled! What a miraculous joy! That God would insist I be matched with someone so opposite from me, so that I would be able to GROW and LEARN so many things. What a blessing that experience was upon me.