Saturday, March 14, 2009

There are days...

...when the house is a wreck. You have a few minutes. You should be tidying and cleaning. But the job seems endless. And when you put some things away you only notice more things that need to be put away. And taken back. And scrubbed. And called. And emailed. And washed. And cleaned out.

And the day is already full, and you know you should take this time... THIS TIME... right exactly now... to do all those little things and try to get caught up.

But all you want to do is sit.

And breathe.

And maybe eat chocolate.

And maybe forget about some things.

And maybe post a little blog.
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Summer said...

But you don't know anything about this do you? ;-)

Crayl said...

Yep. There are those days. Been having more than usual lately.