Monday, March 9, 2009

Choosing to remain blind

As seen on my news page this morning, this is absolutely horrific. Our president, the majority of the media, and countless americans are choosing to remain blind when it comes to matters of science.


Many who listened to President Obama’s inaugural address believe he means to spend taxpayer money on research that destroys human embryos. Before he does, I hope somebody brings to his attention the story I’m about to tell.

A few years ago, a Texas teenager named Laura Dominguez lost control of her car when she hit an oil spill on the road. The accident left Laura paralyzed from the neck down. “You’ll never walk again,” doctors told her.

Laura refused to accept this prognosis. She and her mother met with experts on spinal cord injuries. They learned about an exciting new treatment being performed in Portugal. The procedure is known as olfactory mucosa transplantation. Surgeons take adult stem cells found in the nasal region and transplant them into the injured area.

Laura underwent this treatment—and her spinal cord began to heal. She gained upper body agility, and, in time, she learned to walk with the use of braces and outside help. Laura is determined to walk unassisted by her 21st birthday.

Miracles like this have been repeated many times as researchers bend their attention to the uses of adult stem cells. Writer Bradley Hughes describes many of them in his article “Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatment.”

To date, Hughes writes, these “miracle cells” are providing hope for patients with Crohn’s disease, lupus, heart disease, blindness, Parkinson’s, and sickle-cell anemia. And according to biotech writer James P. Kelly, umbilical cord blood stem cells are already being used to treat 70 forms of blood and bone marrow cancers.

And just a few days ago, there was a report at Northwestern University. Twenty-one patients with multiple sclerosis were stabilized following treatment with adult stem cells removed from each patient’s bone marrow. In some patients, the disease was reversed.

But because much of the mainstream media refuses to report on this, many Americans remain unaware of it. Ignorance about these cures may be driving the public’s demand for embryonic stem-cell research, which kills human beings at the embryonic stage.

Americans also seems unaware that not a single clinical success has resulted from treatments using embryonic stem cells. None!

So why do researchers and the biotech industry push so hard for public funds for embryo-destructive research? Because science wants science for science’s sake and, incidentally, because they stand to make huge profits through potential patents. It’s potentially far more lucrative than research involving adult stem cells.

You and I need to spread the word about the miracle cures being found through the use of adult stem cells. They’re a far superior alternative to embryonic stem cells—and nobody is killed in the process of retrieving them.

As science demands unfettered research in the future, we need to be encouraging ethically challenged reporters, researchers, and politicians to take a look backwards for a grim reminder of what happens when science is divorced from morality—euthanasia, gas chambers, and Nazi experiments on children.

Do we really want to start down that terrible road again?


This is a reprinted Break Point article, by Chuck Colson. For further reading and information, follow the link.
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Lady Esther said...

yes my mom told me about this proceedure using stem cells from the nose. i know a child who went to china who did have embronic stem cells used. i did not really hear a raving report of his CP improving. and it was a lot of money for the therapies he received. a lot of people don't care about the means by which they are cured. they are too focused on getting well that they don't really care about destroying life in the process. it's very controversial.

MooBee Mama said...

Had a good conversation with my 14 year old about this subject today. He was pretty passionate about wanting to know what families who choose invetro fertilization do with the extra fertilized eggs? Can they just donate them to science? or throw them in the trash? He wants to know!

Anonymous said...

What silly nonsense. What about the existing lives? When are we gonna bring our troops back home from Iraq? And how about single payer healthcare? The so-called "pro-lifers" are really pro-death. Women !

The Adventure said...

I heard this story on our radio station here last week - crazy...that Americans seem completely unaware of this! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

To the earlier anonymous commenter. I too was wondering what the author's position on single payer healthcare, death penalty, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, gun violence, etc ... were. I find it odd that she makes a big deal about "pro-life" before the baby is born but is awfully silent about the policies of the existing lives once born and after. I don't think she's pro-death but it would be nice if she would perhaps address these other aspects of life.

Anonymous said...

So you expect God to cure diabetes? I mean God's cool and all but your reliance on God to be the panacea is a bit concerning. Loosen up and give science a chance.

Angela said...

I find it interesting that some reading this post assume since I cherish life before birth, I must not support it as whole-heartedly after simply because it wasn't mentioned here. Life is created by God, is precious at any stage and should be treated as such... whether three days after conception or moments before death. I will speak very loudly for those who cannot speak for themselves. Once they can speak for themselves, they can choose to fight for our freedom, even sacrificing their own life so you can leave anonymous comments on blogs you don't agree with without fear of retribution. Or, they can choose to systematically take others' lives, thus knowingly opening their own life up to be taken. There are a lot of things we can choose to do once we have the ability to make a choice, and we have that freedom. Unborn babies do not have that freedom. Someone else chooses for them.

Dr. Charity said...

You do realize that all the embryos are destroyed/ killed when they are no longer needed. This has been going on for years. Sounds like your real concern is over this routine destruction of embryos, not over what happens to them in the interim. Maybe you should look into protesting the DESTRUCTION of the embryos. While they are just siting waiting to die, they might have a chance to save Ian, or reverse Pastor Gary's Parkinson's. Seems a noble last contribution to the world, I think! So if your issue is their DESTRUCTION, then you should focus on that. Many would agree; especially the embryos who found the really COOL cures.

Angela said...

Charity~ As my sister and a doctor, you know maybe more than anyone how badly I want Ian to be free from his symptoms. Yes, I realize the majority of these embryos are going to be killed anyway. But opening the door to research on human life at any stage, even if that life is going to most likely be destroyed, is a pandora's box. When existing lives are not valued, we will not value the creation of life. The logical next step is creating life simply for the purpose of destroying it. We have unlimited scientific research potential already existing in adult stem cells, which are the only ones that have shown positive results at all. Not only is embryonic stem cell research wrong, but we don't have the need for it. Killing another human being to find a cure for my son is not the answer. As for protesting the routine destruction of human embryos, that stand naturally begets the other. (I love you!)